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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sp14shx, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! I'm from Sydney and I just started riding for about 2 months or so. Right now I'm riding the 2011 CBR 125 and I'm looking forward meeting other riders and going for rides around Australia. Also looking for other cbr125 enthusiasts so we can talk about mods on our 125's :p
    Don't know how to say it in english but よろしくお願いします!

  2. Hey sp14shx, welcome to NR :)
  3. I'll have to stick to English and say welcome :).
  4. Hi, Welcome. I'm thinking I should have bought a cbr125 to hoon around on for a couple of months to get my confidence up.
  5. Hey and Welcome to NR.
  6. Welcome to NR!!!
  7. hey welcome to NR. my neighbor rides a CBR125 as well. nice bike for Ls....very reliable.
  8. hehe, the thought of riding a CBR125 around aus reminds me of the postie challenge...

    Welcome by the way..
  9. welcome to NR sp14shx,

    Which area in sydney you from mate.

  10. I'm from Merrylands. What about you?

    And i was tempted to get a postie bike but i fell in love at first sight when i saw the cbr125 :p
  11. i m from beverly hills ......

  12. From Beverly Hills and you're thinking about a CBR125??

    Oops sorry, wrong Beveryly Hills....:p
  13. no i m not thinkin abt CBR124 at all.. I ride an Aprirlia RS 125... I rkeon i like it more than CBRs... I love these little rockets.... :)

  14. ooo nice beverly hills