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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by marcus1974, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, a mate recommended this site...

    Good Site, Might put my feet up and stay for awhile. :D

    Being riding for around 12 months now. I have a Honda ST1300...
    I'm mostly a fairweather rider, and manly stick to country Vic, I stay away from Melbourne as much as I can...

    My last big ride was to Apollo Bay


  2. Welcome Marcus.

    I assume you mean you've had your full license for about 12 months? That's a pretty big bike 8-[
  3. Welcome to Netrider Marcus.
    As djay mentioned, I too am curious - surely you've been licensed (full) for 12mths to be hauling that big donk around ?
    Enjoy the forums.
  4. welcome in
  5. Hi Marcus and welcome to NR
  6. Thanks Guys, I've had my Full License since August 2010...
    I went from a Virago 250 on my Ps to this monster... I chose it because I wanted something I could take my wife with me and for weekend away etc, which also wouldn't bulk at the weight of a pillion and gear...

    Best decision I've ever made this thing is the best all round machine...
  7. OMG! I was born in Maryborough! Nice little town. Still have a lot of family friends up there! Welcome to Netrider! You'll love it
  8. Welcome aboard!

  9. You know what? Just because you said that I stalked your profile and Facebook link.
    And the only reason I'm telling you is because. I also went to Rosebud Secondary Collage, for one year, in 1991
  10. :biker: Welcome to NR
  11. Thanks mate this site looks very inviting...:D
  12. Yo Marcus you made it - hehehehe - welcome dude - P.S. Love your helmet!
  13. yeah i saw that - if i ever start to venture out and about regularly i'll join in.
  14. Haha...no worries
  15. Kitju Kat has a facebook stalker :).......you lucky duck. It would be funny if you guys were in the same class at school, it would be funnier if you two turned out to be long lost brothers/sisters, like those two in Ireland who accidentally married each other.
  16. fanciful postualtions about degrees of separation notwithstanding, welcome to Netrider, Marcus :LOL:
  17. Lol except I was 3 years old in '91 :p
  18. Lol - Marcus that is becoming disturbing now - lol - stop stalking youngies!
  19. Welcome fellow rider