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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by crownie, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone my name is Rob and new to netrider. If last Sunday was any indication im looking forward to some fun rides with some really nice people.

  2. Welcome Rob !

    Was a good ride on Sunday , and Uncosnail was impressed by your feats of STRENGTH in helping remould some metal work on a cruiser !

    Was good to catch up sunday , but DONT LET Joe Delosa see your bike, he is hanging out for a Vstrom , and it may just dissapear !

    See you on another ride soon

  3. welcome mate
  4. Welcome Rob, Didn't get much of a chance to talk to you on the Sunday ride but will catch you again I am sure. :)
  5. G'day dude and welcome.
  6. Huge welcome Crownie, and many many thanks...that was my cruiser "Betty." She and I are eternally grateful for your feat of strength=D> and that I could actually have a rear brake getting home (that part of the trip between Healesville and Marysville without any rear brake was a tad uncomfortable for me). Thanks also for the additional tape for my cables too! Hope to see you on more rides in the future!
  7. Welcome Rob.
    First ride, helping out. Good effort mate.

    Was good to meet you.
  8. Welcome matey
  9. G'day Mate. The Sunday rides are always nice.
  10. Or nice rides with fun people?

    Anyhoo, welcome mate,

  11. *cough* Wednesday night ride *cough*

  12. Hey Stu was fun and i got a bit of a workout also !! looking forward to the next one.

    Thanks to everyone for all your welcome messages and im looking forward to catching up on rides with you all in the future.

    Hi Wolfishgrin it was my pleasure to help out, I feel sorry that your bike got damaged as it seems you look after it. Did it take much to fix up ?

    Hi Kitju Kat *cough* where do the wednsday night rides meet up ? *cough* are they every Wednsday ?
  13. *cough* Carlton *cough* Every week. *cough* Always someone in your area or can you meet you for a lift in if *cough* You're incompetent *cough* with directions *cough* like me *cough*
  14. You two sound Like You might have caught something !

  15. *cough* sounds good *choke* what time do you guys *gag* meet up ? *cough* will be good *sniff* if its not raining *cough* might need directions *cough*
  16. *cough* There's a link to *splatter* place in the VIC *cough* Forums! *gag* How about *chokes* you tell us *coughing fit* about yourself! *dies*
  17. Hey Kat did you go last night ? I was up for it but not keen in the wet weather. Hopefully the weather will get better for next week.
    My names Rob, I live in Cockatoo (between cocka-one and cocka-three) been into mostly dirt bikes since i was about 6 yrs old just recently got onto the tar (legally !!) Im into pretty much most things with and engine. Im an Electronic Tech but I work as a Contractor in the construction industry on machines mostly doing major infrastructure. My hobbies include bikes, playing music, gadgets and doing local pro wrestling shows.
    How about yourself ? *cough*
  18. Rob is a Virgo and Enjoys long walks on the beach.
  19. *raises from the dead* Hey! nice to meet you. You may call me Kittie or Jessie. (Kat seems to keep people getting me confused for Kat.Rider who I'd like to remind people is a male. I sir am not. lol.) Anyways! No I did not make it last night. I'm not too keen on the weather atm either. I don't have wet weather pants and frankly I'm still a little shaky after my off in November. I work at Dick Smiths over about 3 stores atm. Depending on who has more work at the time. I to enjoy bikes and music. I'm also trying to go out a lot and see a lot of bands ect. Deiced this year, I need to have more fun in life as I do not feel I have experienced enough of it for someone my age rofl. Anyways that about sums my life story! *cough cough*

    Check out here https://netrider.net.au/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=69 to see the upcoming weekly rides. People nearly always post if they can or can not make it so you always have a general rough idea of who's going. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon! *cough*