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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kobold, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. G'day all,
    Relatively newish rider here - got my full license about 6 months ago. Have done most of my riding in Canberra on a GS500F which has now been replaced by an '07 VFR800 (my Christmas present to me!). I've just moved down to Melbourne and it looks like the VIC events threads are pretty active. I'm looking forward to coming along to a few (or many!) rides in the new year - especially since I've left all my riding mates back in Canberra!

    Hope everyone has a great New Year!
  2. welcome in bud, yes victorian rides are very active, enjoy it :)
  3. Welcome Kobold, see you on one of the group rides.
  4. Hello Kobold, good on your for joining on the boards and see you around.
  5. G'day Kobold and welcome mate ! Looking fwd to seeing/meeting you on a NR ride some time in the future.
  6. Interesting choice of username. I've read some interesting stuff on the mythology of kobolds with relation to the early days of mining (useless trivia: it's how the element cobalt was named).

    Welcome to NR.
  7. Hi Kobold and welcome to NR.

    Join in on a ride or a coffee night and you'll soon make some new riding buddies.
  8. According to Wikipedia
    " Some legends say the fiery kobold enters and exits a house through the chimney.[38] Legends dating to 1852 from western Uckermark ascribe both human and fiery features to the kobold; he wears a red jacket and cap and moves about the air as a fiery stripe"

    Wait - a - minute!

    I know who you really are.

    Welcome to NR Santa.

    Can you please take back the drum kit?

    Seriously, Welcome Bud. :wink:
  9. Hi mate welcome to netrider and welcome to the VFR club =D> what part of melbourne are you in ??
  10. G'day, salutations, and welcome down south mate!
  11. Thanks for the welcomes! The choice of user name was more for consistency.... I picked it for some other forums a while back (I have some German speaking background and Kobold seemed a good name for someone who spends most of their time lurking and less posting).

    I'm in Armadale, work in the city (loving the no tolls for motorcycles on citylink thing!)
  12. Welcome mate,

    Im sure you will enjoy melbourne, and the group rides are a great way to discover some of the hundreds of great riding roads around the city ;)

    drop me a pm if you want me to show you around some time.