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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VasRR, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Just signed up and saying hello to all

  2. hello VasRR
  3. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  4. welcome in
  5. welcome new member :D
  6. G'day mate and welcome to Netrider !
  7. Thanks all for the welcome.
  8. mm, a man of few words; rare on Netrider :LOL:

    welcome :)
  9. Welcome and please tell us a bit more about yourself. Otherwise we will just assume you're another bloke in his mid 40s, from the Hills district, just got your Ls and thinking about getting a GS500. You're keen to join the Homebush crowd when you get a bit more confidence on the road. Close?
  10. Good day from up North. You ll enjoy the banter etc one thing is sure we all prefer to look at the 2 wheel beauties instead of the two legged beauties and we understand bikes better than women. WELCOME

    Stay Safe
  11. LOL.. Nah im not in my 40s and dont like anything unless its a supersport!!!!

    My name is Vas as you know from my Tag. Im 32 and from Roselands. I sold my 07 repsol last year in replace of a house but im looking to get back on the saddle later on in the year. Well when i get my licence back. Damm its a nice ride and now looking back i dont think i had to sell it. Anyways it just means i get a new one woo hoo cant wait..
  12. Ah, good stuff, I knew I could get it out of you if I taunted you with those references to a few of us here.
  13. Welcome Vas
  14. Which bikes do you all ride?
  15. VasRR,
    I'll give you just 2 guesses mate ;)
  16. Yamahahahahahah R6
  17. My name Answers that :D