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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ONE, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls ive recently just got my Ls and im looking at gettin a aprilla rs125
    im goin to be riding the bike everyday to and from work and plan to do a bit of track work with the bike
    im prety handy with a wrench and plan on doing all work on my bike my self
    ive been into cars for a few years now but ive found a new passion for bikes
    im look forward to geting out on some rides meeting some new people and enjoying my bike when i get it

  2. Welcome trent, nice roads out your way mate, enjoy them, keep an eye on the NSW thread for future rides
  3. Welcome to Netrider Trent. Aprilia's are one of my favourite bikes. Good luck with your purchase, have fun and enjoy the forums.
  4. Hi Trent - welcome! :)
  5. Welcome to NR Trent.
  6. thanks for the welcome im goin to look at a bike tomorow
  7. Righto i ended up purchasing a 2007 aprilia rs 125
    and heres a pic of how it currently is
    crapy i phone pic
    it has race fairings on it which i am relpacing with stock fairings so i can get her regod as it needs the head light,mirrors,horn etc
    has carbon fibre front fairing and jolymoto exhaust
    anyways i pulled the tank cover off to have a look around,check for potential problems,check fluid levels etc
    and found this nasty suprise
    once again crapy iPhone pic
    hmm so its looking abit sus right about now
    the fela i bought it off told me thats how they came when he bought his race fairings but ohh well hes obviously talking poo poo
    anyways i will contain my frusration and move forward and get my bike regod and get out there for some rides
    look forward to meeting some new people and hopefully some fellow 2 stroke and aprilia lovers
  8. is that the tank?
  9. no its the tank cover
  10. Welcome fellow Netrider.:biker:

    Have fun, you'll meet some..ahem..interesting folk here!

  11. Is that bad? I mean...if it was to accidentally crack along the stress lines..what happens? You burn your belly?
  12. no devo, its the tank COVER, plastic bit that goes over the actual tank
  13. So then no big deal apart from looking crap then? And the fact that the seller may have been dishonest? And clothes might get caught on any cracks?

    (I swear I should dye my hair blonde...)
  14. have we met? :D
  15. Shhhh!! [​IMG]
  16. is that an 07 aprilia?

    my 07 aprilia looks very very different to that...
  17. no tank cover being cracked is not bad jus looks like poo as stated above im tryin to source a new one
    yea it is a 07 but it has fibreglass track fairings on it from the early model
    it dont look like that now it now has all the late model fairings etc so looks like 07
    i will put up some pics when i get a chance
  18. ohh ok lol.
    it looks 02ish-03ish.
  19. I happen to have a litlle Aprilia.. its actually small enough to sit on my bedside table.. :p