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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ninja1, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Gday all, I have often checked out this site and enjoyed the stories and pictures so Ive become a member to get a bit involved.I have an 05 r1 and are currently building a retro cb 900 on the side,will post a few shots once I work it out! Thanks Jerry.

  2. Welcome Jerry :) where u from mate
  3. Gday Goz, Im from the hills area in Sydney.Yourself?
  4. Welcome. It sounds like you'll be getting on well with mechanical enthusiasts. I'm not one of those, I just love riding.

    Good luck on your rebuilding project. I'd be interested in finding out how you go with it (even though I don't rebuild bikes myself, it does sound intriguing)

  5. parra mate :)
  6. Another Hills rider.

    G'day Jerry
  7. HI Jerry and welcome mate. Already I think you're a top bloke, being as you ride an R1 ;)
    Have fun dude.
  8. Hi Jerry - welcome & enjoy! :)
  9. welcome my friend. I used to have an r1 too 2001 model last carby edition... good old days i bet the 2005 model is a blast...

    Have a fun,
  10. Howdy and welcome mate.
  11. Welcome to NR
  12. Welcome mate !