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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hartski, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. hey All,

    just wanted to introduce my self to the forums as i just got my first bike.

    Grew up on a hobby farm and spent 10 years riding a posty bike from about the age of 5.

    Moved back to the big smoke where i was born at age 15, owned two cars but i couldnt resist getting back on a bike. Just bought a Honda Spada and all the threads on here about it was a major influence on my decision. Been reading some of the near misses threads and im keen to start riding with some more experienced riders as to not end up with a thread in there of my own. Im ok in traffic, driven a car since i was 18, so i like to think i can read car drivers well, treat them all like there out to kill me. but road bikes are new too me and therefor would love to go on some easy rides with some better riders.

    Had my bike for just over a week and im in love!
  2. sorry placed this in the wrong spot. Mods please delete. moved to newriders.
  3. Hi and welcome ( i think your thread is supposed to be in the welcome area )

    Congrats on your new bike....If you have a look in the ride events

    you will see all the different rides open to all riders on different nights of the week... ;)
  4. Welcome to Net Rider.
    Keep an eye out for turning trucks and enjoy your riding.
  5. Hi Hartsy, you sure got your riding experience in early with starting at 5. Do you have photos of your new bike?