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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yellow t max, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. HI I am new to netrider but there is a lot to keep a rider with a broken leg busy while waiting to go riding again, Damm pleased that I was wearing a full face or I would not have a face left,only came down doing 20k/hr but the impact wore the front of the helmet away.wont ride without a full face ever. :LOL:

  2. Welcome in, Mate.

    Hope you heal quickly.
  3. Welcome to NR !
  4. :worthlesspics:
    pics of helmet or it didnt happen :grin:

    good to see u are sort of alright, if thats your only off in your life time, take it with open arms

    Welcome to NR!
  5. Welcome to NR, 'Max' :)

    Broken leg and all, and still ya getn a ribbing about lack of pics! :LOL:

    ... so where are they?

  6. Helmet photos

    Fellas I would post photos of the helmet if I knew how,But me and the box brownie are getting on a bit .And in reply to the question was it my first prang in my life the answer is on the bitumen yes not bad for 51 years riding but let us not talk about the number of times that I hit the dirt in that time because that would be embarassing, The one to watch is the one in front of the one behind and the one behind the one in front.