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New member, WA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Helpdesk, May 16, 2012.

  1. Gudday!

    Hi all, my name's Mark, I run a training firm in Eden Hill (sounds glam, but not much of a hill, and only one S-bend for miles!).

    If you're interested in becoming an instructor, advanced riding or just have questions about how do you...., feel free to ask!

  2. Hi Mark, Welcome.
  3. Gidday mark, and welcome.

    I gotta question? When can I start? LOL.
  4. Gudday Kneedragon,

    Sure no probs, ..like to commute, do you?
    Buy the way, my latin's rusty, what's it with finding the optimal time to seize fishes?
  5. Welcome Mark
  6. Gudday Hornet,

    How's things? I'm sad but I'm happy...
    ..Sad that I missed out on the BMW F800ST going recently, but glad I've got a good deal on one at Dale Brittons :), yaay!
  7. I was siezed by "cape deum", so I fed a line into google translate. The line was -
    "Sieze the best corner and own it."

    It would be a bit of a commute, yeah. I'm doing my instructor's ticket through TopRider at the moment.
  8. Magic mate, love the line!

    Good to hear your chasing a qual. is it the TLI41410 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics*(Road Transport*‐*Motorcycle Riding Instruction)?