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New member totals bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SOBIL, May 22, 2005.

  1. New member, New Member has bike, New Member rides like idiot, New Member looses it, New member spends a week in hospital, New Member can't bend his knee, New member spends a his days looking out the window looking at his wrecked fzr250 thinking what a dick he was..

    Hi all, i did meet a few of yall at the melb friday coffee night 06/05. I stacked on the 08/05. I do believe some of you saw me lying on the side of the road just past healsville. I am alive thank god. I should make a full recovery in time and will no doubt get back out there again. So will the bike.

    Oh and all other new riders, buy proper gear...... trust me.

    A few pics for you all.
    bike before
    bike after
    where I stacked
    good scar


  2. Eeeks...at least that's your first (and hopefully, last) crash out of the way. Glad you're still with us :wink:

    What happened?..or rather what didn't happen...
  3. sorry to hear of you off... I hope that knee will heal up quick...

    If you need some parts for you FZR I know of a good yamaha wrecker... he might have the right fairings for your bike...
  4. Arr, ya clown.

    But that's the way to do it... Get that first stack out of the way with a touch of style. Hope it doesn't cost you too much, and that leg stops smiling at you.

    Planning to jump back on the horse, or is that the end of it for you?
  5. As long as your still alive and learnt something - some good can come out of your accident

    take care
  6. Ouch!

    Glad to hear you've survived, but a shame that you had to learn the hard way. Welcome to the club.
  7. Not good not good at all.

    I'm guessing your knee isn't going to be good enough to get back on the bike for another 2 or 3 months yet. Took me about that long before I could comfortably bend my leg to sit on a bike.

    I'm guessing you are about to go out shopping for a good set of cordura or leather pants. Yes?

    What gear did you have on?
  8. What a bummer... after just getting the bike too :(
  9. Not a good way to start off, but at least you survived to ride another day.
    Glad too hear you are ready to jump back on a bike again.

    How did it happen, might be good advice for people that haven't come off.
  10. ouch :oops: sorry to see your misfortune. what pants were you wearing?
  11. Your talking about getting back on....that's always a good sign....hope recovery isn't too slow..
  12. would draggin jeans have saved his leg?
  13. to some extent but it looks like a pretty decent impact so having some armour on the knee would have been more important that just reducing the gravel rash with the dragins. Leather or cordura with armour would have been the best bet.
  14. can you get knee protection on its own? similar to knee pads for BMX'ing
  15. I know i posted in the FZR250 forums aswell... but glad to hear your OK SOBIL. I didn't even get a chance to ride with you yet!!! I was planning on doing that ride but ended up only getting 2 hours sleep and deciding against it.

    In the words of the stunt guy on the Simpsons who inspired Bart to do his daredevil stunts; "It's a dangerous business, but we've got some of the finest medical staff in the world available... wounds heal and chicks dig scars" ;)

    Good to hear your gonna get back on the bike. I know you learnt your lesson the hard way, but be thankful your here to tell the tale.

    As for the gash in his knee.. i'm led to belive it was quite a deep cut; hence Draggins would'nt have aided much at all. I know in my off, where the Kevlar in the Draggins is scuffed my skin up worse than all other points of impact. Only thing worse was the direct road rash from when they were ripped/pulled down and to one side. :cry:

    You'll be a wiser rider from this accident, so long as you don't repeat the mistake. :twisted: And the moral of this story.... don't attempt to ride beyond your ability; especially in order to keep up with faster riders.

    edit: ROFLOL... yeah little girly knee pads like 'they' use whilst rollerskating.
  16. I was wearing a agvsport touring jacket rocket shoes and kbc helmet, the shoes are cactus, the jacket saved my arm, without it I would probably never be able to use my fingers again. Im not sure if draggins would have saved me but i think anything would have left better than my westco jeans. I will definately be getting back on the bike but I will be fully covered this time for sure. =] I hope i can get on the bike before too long, but we will see. Im off to the hospital tomollow and hopefully they wont need to operate again.

    My bike needs:

    Instrument cluster
    Sront fairning
    front Mirror bracket

    The side fairings should be reparable.

    I will probably need a new club sticker though as i'll end up sanding it off to repair fairing.

  17. Black! :D
    Either that or go for something crazy like silver with decalled black tribal/flame design.

    Meh, im just biased. Whatever your favourite colour is. :D
  18. your going to force yourself to learn the hard way aren't you?
  19. Glad you learnt the leason shame it had to be the same way as me, the hard way.

    www.findapart.com.au might help
  20. Yep most motorcycle shops sell some form of armour separate to the clothing apparel.