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New member to the forum.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Warnsey, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. G'day guys and girls, Long time lurker first (or second) time poster.

    After reading so much info on here I thought it was about time I introduced myself. I am from Canberra and have decided to finally bite the bullet and get into riding. Now, I have talked myself in and out of this idea many times, however I finally got off my butt and booked my L course for mid January.

    I am not to sure about my bike situation as yet. I am in two frames of mind. Either bite the bullet and get a new bike (SV650S or CB400) and trade up after I'm off my restrictions (LAMS bikes seem to hold their value quite well) or get a POS and trade up at a later date. I am leaning a little towards buying new as I like the idea of the extra safety such as ABS and reliability.

  2. Welcome Warnsey, Most people say buy a second hand bike as their first, you will probably drop it, most new riders do, even if it is just losing your footing and coming down when stopped. If you can afford the depreciation and possible damage to a new bike then go for it. Nothing like a new bike :) Lots of good second hand bargains that are reliable good bikes however.

    Whatever you decide have fun. :)
  3. welcome to the forums.

    All good looking bikes you listed :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. Well after 16 hours my situation has changed quite dramatically.

    I went to the bike store to have a 'look'..... and I ended up with a deposit on a slightly used (900km) 2008 Suzuki GS500F.
  5. nice choice. and welcome.
  6. Well, if ever THAT was a 'meant to be' situation of 'right time right place'!

    Congrats!! What a great way to finish off 2008! :grin:

    And welcome to NR! :grin:
  7. Thanks for the welcomes.

    And here is a pic or two (just incase anyone has never seen one :wink: 0


  8. :p

    Looks like mine, just different colour!
  9. Welcome Aboard Warnsey
    +1 to what Chris said (cjvfr)
    I guess it boils down to whether or not you want to risk damaging a 'new' bike. That said, being a new rider does NOT necessarily mean you are certain to drop your bike. The chances are higher however.
  10. Well I head off for my L test tomorrow and Sunday. I'll either report back here on Sunday night a very happy or disappointed man.
  11. You'll be right. Stay calm.
  12. hey, I'm very new to this as well. Good luck Sunday. When I did the pre learners in Sydney they were really professional and really drilled it into us about safety on roads. The riding part was actually quite easy if you remain calm and just follow their instructions. The course is designed for people who have never even sat on a bike before.

    Nice bike.
  13. Welcome to both of you :).
  14. So,
    How did you feel after our first day of training then?
  15. Considering I had never ridden a bike before today, it actually wasn't as hard as I thought. I have to get use to how touchy the throttle is. I didn't stall it once or drop it, so that is quite encouraging. I did feel bad for one girl who was quite short and small and she had a great deal of difficulty.

    It was great fun. I look forward to tomorrow.
  16. Excellent to hear.
    Glad you enjoyed it - Once you;ve come the conclusion that it rally is something you want to be doing... it is so much easier from there on in.

    About the only advice I can offer you is to try and stay relaxed throughout the whole day tomorrow and do your best to think of the "test" as just another practice run.... just like you did earlier in the day.

    Keep the nerves at bay - and I am sure you will be fine!

  17. Thanks for the advice. I have to remember to try not to look down at the controls and focus ahead.
  18. I am now officially a motorcycle rider!!!!! Passed the L test. It wasn't to hard at all. I'll pick up my new bike tomorrow!!

  19. Awesome, great news Warnsey :biker: