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New member to our household

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. It is true :)

    I have a new ride.

    A 99 Firestorm.

    I got the itch last week and I just had to scratch it.

    Damn those twins sound sweet with yoshis on them :)
  2. Congrats! I honestly don't know how you held out so long. :grin:
  3. Some things in life get a higher priority rating.

    My wrists and shoulder havent been fixed but they arent as bad on this bike.

    I still feel the pain but it's no where near as bad.

    I rode home tonight and only started getting a bit of pain in the right wrist just before I turned into my driveway.

    Previously I couldn't travel more than 1 suburb without needing to get off the bike.

    That and the fact that my girls needed me more than motorcycling did.
  4. Beautiful looking bike :)
  5. Bwahaha...86yo and chronic shoulder pain? Your "boy" days are over, Stormgeriatric. Congratulations, and good to see you back on two wheels.
  6. congrats vic wondered if you would ever get that itch as we all do :),once again. Good choice :).
  7. So where are the pics?
  8. congrats on getting a bike again :)
  9. Nice work, thought I could hear somebody tearing up the streets before....
  10. Excellent! Ride on dude :grin:
  11. Wooo Hooo! Good work Vic!

    Great to hear that you are back on 2 wheels again!

    So whats going to happen to the Saab now, or did you secretly trade that in and haven't told the missus yet.... :p

  12. Those bikes sound bloody GREAT!!! Woot!! Congrats on the new bike :)

    Stay safe

  13. Perhaps the Storm wasnt the right choice. Recon you would be better of with a big lounge chair on wheels i.e Golden Wing.. You could also have one of your kids ride shot gun in comfort..
  14. I feel a calmer, more caring and sharing Vic in this space hereafter, now he doesn't have to wipe the spray from the inside of the Saab windscreen when he gets home.

    Congrats, bowling ball head.
  15. wait, its not april 1st is it?

    congrats :)
  16. hahahahahaa :LOL: knew you couldn't hold out forever :twisted:
  17. I wish .. that would mean i would just about have my license ^_^

    Good choice on the bike dude. Give us some pics :D
  18. It was never intended as a permanent break from riding.
  19. noice...... not a kwakasaki.. but still noice in a Honda sorta way :grin: :grin: :grin: