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New Member (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shadowtec, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hello One and All

    I am wondering if learning how to ride on a motorcycle if good for me. I predict that I will no longer be able to afford to live in Rozelle (5 mins from the CBD) so I may have to look at a option of moving out and riding to work.

    Now here is the funny bit. I am in my mid 30s and still don't drive (on learners)
    There are a couple of reasons for this, first of all Sydney drivers do not drive, they 'Aim' I am not used to traffic so I am scared $@#$#@ of it. (the only way around that is to get exposed to traffic) and finally running a car is not cost effective (not talking about setup costs but long term running costs)

    As soon as I can I intend to go on the RMS approved course to see how I would go with a bike then move on from there.

    Well enough ranting from me :)

    I like to say hello to yalll
  2. Welcome!

    While bike running costs can be very low for small machines and scooters, litre class bikes are not what you could call "cheap transport" by the time you include all the relevant running costs. Of course if the bug bites you then the cost can become secondary at most. If all you intend to do is get around the city a big bike isn't your best option anyway. It's all "horses for course", as they say.
  3. Thanks Dark Angel.
    A big bike or litre class would be greater then 250cc ? (still getting a grasps with the terms)
    As for costs I would include time lost with trains and buses that seam to never run on time (or when I need it when I have early starts and late nights) I do need to get around because I been in Rozelle for the past 9 years and don't get around much :)
  4. Howdy

    Try the learners course - see if you're ok with the basic handling of a bike. You can always buy a second hand 'cheap' LAMS bike to start of with - plenty of them around. Should not be expensive and running costs low. This should tell you if biking is for you or not.
  5. A litre class bike refers to one of 1000cc or greater engine capacity. By the time you factor in fuel consumption not much better than a small car, chewing through tyres in pretty short distances as well as chains, sprockets and other consumables, a big bike can cost you more than a small car to own and run. A little bike, 250cc or so, can be dead cheap to run and much easier to handle in tight traffic and confined parking areas than a big machine.
  6. Howdy & welcome to NR!

    Riding a bike as a daily commute is a great way to travel. You will need to make sure you have the appropriate gear and also carry wet weather gear during some part of the year. Some people ride 3 out of 4 seasons and "store" their bikes during the heavy rain / cold season. This would vary based on where you live and the weather you get.

    The general rule of thumb would be to get your bike then practice on some local streets, car park etc, then when you're confident riding in normal traffic head to one of the weekend practice meets.. Another option is to buddy with someone locally and have them shadow you, point out things to improve on etc

    I'm sure you, like the rest of us, will jump on and be hooked!

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  7. Thanks for the advise folks.
    That is the plan. it's a simple question of when I can do it.

    This 'project' will be a long term one (1 to 2 years) but the course is the first step :)
    If it sticks I can spend the time around the Rozelle/city area. then I can always go on rides with groups to get used to freeways etc.
    also gear can be brought overtime (beyond the basics)

    as for a greater then 1000cc class ? Yikes I don't think I would ever need anything that powerful.
  8. I have a friend at work who can help me and so far have given me some very good advice and has answered the stupid questions :p

    just saving some money and I hope to have a window so I can take the course. I also need to get the left arm checked out again because I broke it a year ago (9 pins and a plate) and I am still getting muscle grief
  9. ShadowtecShadowtec you'll be restricted in what you can ride on your L's & P's so you won't need to worry about litre bikes or anything like that for quite some time.

    Have a look around on the net for LAMS bikes and see what takes your fancy. From there, go have a sit on a few at the dealers and see which one feels right.. This way you can shorten your list down to ones you think look great and feel great to sit on etc

    We can give you advice on the various models you want to consider once you've narrowed down your search. There's plenty of variety on the forum to get advice on...

  10. Welcome, ShadowtecShadowtec from what I can gather about your experience, location, budget and planned usage I would recommend a scooter as the best fit for you in the short to mid term.

    There are are few on this forum that will have a pop at scooterists (purely for fun) but they are the cheapest and most convenient way to get about in the city and cost far less to fun than most bikes.

    Also, there are weekly training sessions run at homebush (check the events section) and mentors who are more than happy to help you get some KMs under your tyres safely.
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  11. Thanks Juz

    I will be asking about on the forum, I have been reading up for the past week or so and there are some characters on here :)
  12. There are a LOT of scooters around Rozelle right now. the idea of going to a bike is because I want to someday expand futher out I heard you can have a scooter on a freeway (lets say from Hornsby to Rozelle for example) but I always think it is a little dangerous to go that far

    I like to see how a bike goes then if that does not work out try a scooter and see if that works
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    Welcome - I have a 300cc scooter and it goes like the clappers - M7, M4 no problems

    The most important thing is that whatever you choose is something you are comfortable riding and most importantly enjoy the riding experience with. If that ends up being a scooter then so be it. There are those that treat scooter riders as though they have leprosy but I believe they are secretly envious !!!:p I would also remind those with a slightly negative view that I had to do exactly the same test and riding for me is no safer than if I were on a motorbike - we scooter riders still need to approach corners etc in the same way as the big boys :rolleyes::banghead: okay then rant over

    ShadowtecShadowtec - again welcome and have heaps of fun whatever you end up riding:D
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  14. Thanks Peony..

    This have given me a lot to think about. but as I said I know how well I go during the course
  15. Don't forget, either, that the ground is just as hard falling off a scooter as it is falling off a litre superbike; budget for and buy good quality protective gear.
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  16. Lol. Last year in Japan on the 2nd last snow day. I was not paying attention (and or tired) at the end of a 8km run. caught a front edge with my board. landed on my knees (padded) but did not tuck my arms in and the elbow forced my arm up, slicing the ball of the top of my arm and fracturing down the neck of it.....

    Saw someone in the city (CBD) yesterday in a tshirt, shorts and normal shoes down George Street
  17. hornethornet - without a doubt - I always go out with gear on - esp after hubby's accident last year - it would have been a lot worse if he hadn't been wearing all his gear
  18. well I wore volleyball kneepads under my snow-pants and thinking back, if I did not wear them when I broke the arm then both knees would of been wrecked
  19. Was in the Manly area the past few days. Saw a lot of scooters and a lot of riders wearing shorts, tank tops, and thongs. Thongs. :blackeye: No jackets, gloves, riding pants or gloves. Yeah, I know it's cooler. I also know how long it hurts when road rash is healing, and that's without toes or fingers being ripped off.

    Seriously, be smarter, invest in good gear and wear it.
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  20. I think a lot of scooter riders think they are invincible or that nothing can happen to them because they ride a scooter in the city - you are so right Dark AngelDark Angel - couldn't agree more