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New member, Sydney area

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mvdave, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Hello All,

    new member as of Feb 12th ... been riding now for 37 (started at age 17) years and enjoy anything on 2 wheels....

    Current rides are a pristine MV F4 2001 750 - one of the very first ones into the country and had it since new; an ageing Speed Triple 955i Warhorse. This old girl has seen duty as a daily commuter, a track day weapon, and a budget tourer...suitably fitted out it did Syd > Adelaide > Uluru > Tennant Creek > Rockhampton > Sydney last year; and lastly a vintage (1946) Danish Nimbus - one of only a handful in the country..

    Reasoning that the correct number of bikes in your garage is always gonna be N+1 where N=current count; I just purchased an older (2009) oil-head R1200 GS. Last years trip to Uluru gave me a taste for longer rides...

    I'm an avid supporter of the Black Dog Ride and am running the 2016 Penrith 1-Dayer in March; and you'll find me on the State ride later this year. in 2015 we took the Black Dog ride to the US and enjoyed a memorable 21-day ride from NY to LA... I had a Harley Road King as my ride and I can say without reservation that it was a memorable ride... Between that and the Uluru ride I clocked up over 16,000km in 2 months...

    Hope to meet a few of you 'round the traps.
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  2. Welcome to NR...

    That's a very impressive resume... And a stable full of awesome bikes.

    We need some pictures now...

  3. New here.. where do I put pics?
  4. Ok, so a few pics up in Showcase now... R1200 GS not delivered yet... pics to come
  5. Welcome to the forum mate. You obviously have a sense of humour since you ride an MV. I believe the earlier ones tend to test your patience with small niggles.

    Some distances your doing! Impressive.

    As a side note - as you post more you will be able to attach pictures in any thread etc.
  6. Welcome, always good to have peeps with lots of experience :D
  7. OK. I geddit.. I'm old... :)
  8. Welcoem aboard :) that's sounds like some amazing rides, do you have any pics from the American trip.
    Would love to see some if you do :)
  9. Old is good :)