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New member - SW Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Macaroni646, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    After failing to convince the parents 5 years ago at the age of 18 to buy a bike, they've finally hesitantly semi-agreed. My bike envy will turn into bike pride at last! Planning to do the Learners course in about a month or so and hopefully get a bike by December. Looking at spending around $4k max for bike and $1-1.5k for gear.

    I've been looking at gear and came across this website called riide (can't put link in because 0 post count),they're aussie and seems to be online based , has anyone bought from them before? I'm interested in the Dainese Airfast Pelle Leather Jacket and the price beats MCAS by almost $200. I'm just wondering if they're legit or sell fake stuff.

    Also regarding gear, are high end boots a minimum or will those street style boots do? Can someone give me an idea of what is needed to survive a typical slide or traffic fender bender in regards to basic gear?

    Will search through the forums for answers but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to see you guys around on my 2 wheeler soon!

  2. Welcome to Netrider fella.

    Sometimes a rider in shorts thongs and singlet survives a seemingly bad crash with barely a scratch. Sometimes a rider in full gear can no longer be with us after a minor prang. So your question is unanswerable.

    If you imagine a typical low slide, imagine what can happen to your leg if it gets caught under the bike. This is where I would invest the most.
  3. G'day and welcome. There are many threads on bike gear for you to peruse, use the search function with keywords for jackets, boots etc. Opinions on gear will vary wildly depending who you ask and at the end of it all you make up your own mind. I like my ankles so I usually wear good boots but have been known to whip down to the deli and a bit beyond in sneakers.
    You will normally survive a slide unless you find some armco or similar at the end, it's a matter of how much skin you leave on the way. The better the gear the less skin as a rule. Better to put lots of effort and practice into your basic skills and don't have one.
  4. Thanks guys. Would a standard pair of Draggin kevlar jeans suffice? Would you recommend the knee guards too?

  5. Thanks heaps mate, better to spend the extra coin and be on the safe side.
  6. welcome aboard
  7. Not always the case. Draggin jeans have routinely been criticised over there durability. I had 2 pairs fall to threads after 18 months. Despite being the most expensive on the market. While my $99 textile aldi pants are virtually indestructible. Cost does not always = better. There is plenty of good quality cheap gear out there and shitty expensive stuff.

    Basically don't buy anything without googling it for reviews.
  8. When you are buying your gear make sure you buy gloves that are going to stay on your hands if you were to slide along the road backwards.
  9. First welcome to bikes. My mum still does not approve ;-)

    Dug a bit deeper here. It's not actually a motorcycle store as such. It is someone trying to act like ebay with a motorcycle theme. You create your account and list your items with your paypal account details etc.. Also numerous businesses and companies behind the scenes including and ink cartridge distributor. There is SSL just implemented wrong.

    That and the website is poorly customised throwing errors everywhere. Look on ebay if you consider shopping here. At least you will have a bit more protection.

    What I do is go to MCAS and try everything on then get BikeBiz to order it for me. BikeBiz will not only do better on price, if you need to exchange it they are more than happy to help. They will even order something in just so you can try it on. Depends where you live though.

    Have fun riding
  10. Got my L's this morning and got straight on the bike. HAD A BLOODY BLAST! I can see how people get hooked on this. 100000x more fun than a performance car. You can have fun even without too much power. Covered almost 100km on my first ride and took a while to get the silly grin off my face.

    Still gotta work on tight right hand turns (roundabouts and what not) and gotta relax elbows more. My hands got numb pretty quick and I realised I put too much weight on it, so tried to ease up and grip the tank more.

    It helps a lot that I know how to drive a manual car, changing gears came pretty natural and got the hang of counter steering pretty quick.

    All in all, I love it. Gotta get my assignment done and head out tonight to a carpark to practice low speed manoeuvres.
  11. Welcome to netrider!