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New Member, Still Deciding on 1st Bike...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MAG1991, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Just a quick post to say hello to the Netrider forum crowd and ask for some advice on choosing my first bike.

    I just completed my QRide course and now have an Open RE licence, my current shortlist of bikes I would like to get is; Suzuki GS500/500F, SV650S or Kawasaki Ninja 650RL(ABS).

    I'm looking at the bigger LAMS bikes as I am a big guy at 115kg and the 250 I rode at QRide really struggled on the highway which is a big part of my commute. Oh and I want to keep up with my Dads Harley:eek:hno:

    I look forward to any advice more experienced riders about these bikes and being part of the forum.

    PS Once I get a bike I'd love to find some people to go riding with near my area :beer:
  2. Welcome Mag

    Be sure to check out the 'New Riders' section, there is much to be learned from it's pages. It's also worth a visit to the Bike reviews section where you'll find plenty of info on the bikes listed above and other good bikes for larger learners. (y)
  3. welcome to NR, ultimately bike choice is 'which one do you like most'? people have both bikes and both are liked!!
    good luck with the new purchase and post pics and agree with above, read up, a shit load to read, learn and most of all enjoy :)
  4. Welcome to NR.

    Re: your bike - have you looked at Yamaha V-Star 650 (XVS650)?
  5. Welcome to Netrider, Mag. Congrat's on passing Qride! My pick would be the Ninja but if you haven't done so yet, take all three for a test ride and see what floats your boat. :D
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, its nice to get a warm welcome since I'm new to this whole forum thing. I'll post pics once I decide on one.

  7. Welcome mate, and congrats on passing,
    I recently got my Ps here in NSW, also looking at the Ninja 650RL, heard good things about it also, but it may be a bit high in price for my liking for a first bike... good thing is it can be de-restricted later on :)
  8. I can't comment on the other bikes but have had a 650RL for 18 months so I can offer a novice point of view:

    very comfortable riding position - I'm 6ft 5in and have no issues.
    de-restricting is literally a 10 minute job - and when you do it it's like getting a whole new bike.
    well featured - ABS, full digital console, positive neutral finder (if bike is stationary, will not allow 2nd gear to be selected from 1st gear)
    looks seriously sporty and doesn't look out of place surrounded by proper sport bikes.
    ABS - It has saved me on a number of occasions - most scary one involving a huge diesel slick.

    being a paralell twin motor, there is some vibration - only issue i have experienced with this is that the rear view mirrors tend to only show a blurry image at 5k RPM or over.
    I have found the seat to get uncomfortable after about an hour of cruising - but then my butt is devoid of any natural padding.
    being fully faired, if/when it gets dropped (it's a first bike after all!) the first thing to get damaged is the fairing and they are notoriously uncheap to replace.
    at low revs, it sounds like a farm quad bike

    These are only my own opinions / experiences and a quick look through the forum will turn up one common theme - regardless of whatever anyone else tells you about what is a good bike and what isn't, bike choice is all about whatever suits or works for you personally.

    good luck on your purchase.

    edit: just say the official info on this years bike and it looks very different to last years so... I guess the above isn't all that up to date
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    Hi mate welcome to the forums. Check the for sales threads, I have a GS500F for sale 09 model immaculate and will go for $5800 quick sale
  10. Hey mate, welcome! Have you considered the Kawasaki ER6NL and the Suzuki SFV650?
  11. I've looked at them but haven't had a chance to sit on either to see if i like the riding position, weight etc. hitting up the bike yards tomorrow to check these out.
  12. You're a bigger guy than me (175cm/82kg) so it should be easier to wrestle around for you as they're both around the 200kg line. I went and had a look at them both in a shop on the weekend and even though they didn't have the exact one I was looking at (they had new 2012 for ~$11,500 I am looking at 2nd hand 2009 ~$7,000) I got a pretty solid idea. Check out the seats, to be honest both of them seemed rather narrow for my liking, currently riding a Hyo 250R with a custom super cushioned seat (put on my the seller) and it's like sitting on a cloud of titties. The narrowness also extends to the tank so it feels like you have to close the legs a lot more to hug the tank.

    Depending on which year you're going for, the ER6NL has a hopeless digital tach on the older models (changed to analog in 2012, might be for earlier but 2012 was all I saw), the restricter is throttle controlled so you only get 1/4 twist of it. Just things to consider. Report back what you thought of them both, I'm juggling between them both too :)
  13. Hey Mag,

    A relative of mine just purchased the SFV650 (Gladius). It has a fairly low seat position, and could be easily flat footed by most people I reckon. I'm 5'11 and could easily flat foot.

    It's LAMS restricted, and is NOT easily changed (it's and ECU mod, and once done, cannot legally be reversed). This may sway you towards another bike which is more of a mechanical or throttle related restriction.

    Other than those cons, the pro's are it is a doddle to ride, seriously. Anyone can jump on it and feel at home. The bike is for a female relative of mine and she loves it. She has the blue and white version which looks a bit girly, so it suits her. She also has a Yoshi slip on, which sounds pretty good. It doesn't have ABS, which is a downer compared to the Kwaka.

    But I've ridden it and it put a smile on my face, simply due to it's ability to be ridden by anyone, straight away. I recommend having a go.