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New member-South East Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Techno8, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hey all :)

    I'm relatively new to riding, got my license last October and purchased a zzr250 but since restrictions are in place for 3 years I just recently purchased a rvf400 hell of a lot of fun.

    I ride in all weather but since I do not have any rain gear I tend to only ride in the rain when I need to go somewhere and not just for the sake of it.

    Anyway I'll be active on the forums :) nice meeting everyone
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  2. G'day Techno8Techno8, welcome to Netrider. I'll bet the RVF400 is fun!

    A one-piece DriRider (or similar) rain suit is a good investment, especially at this time of year, and can be bought for under $100.
  3. Hi XJ6N thanks for the advice ill go shopping tomorrow at AMX and see if they've got some
  4. Welcome Techno8, great bike but I am partial to V4 goodness. ;)
  5. Welcome to NR
  6. Welcome Techno8Techno8 - RVF400 - nice.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Thanks everyone :) good to meet all of you
  9. Welcome to NR. Depending where you are in th SE Bikers Gear Australia in Ferntree Gully can be a good source of cheaper wets.
  10. Welcome to Netrider....I am south of Melbourne and it's pissing down at the moment!
    ....and 8c....not the best weather for riding sadly :-(
  11. Hi Pugsly, heard of it but never actually been there. I'm located close though -Mulgrave
    Haha I know right davidk, I was out riding at 3am last night not a cloud in the sky and no wind but very crisp, was nice , woke up this morning and looked out my window and thought damnit !