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New Member Shout Out

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flyboy01, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. Actually, I may have joined back in about 2002. Did you guys used to mail out laminated membership cards? (oldtimers must be kicking in!)

    I had been riding on the road since 1990, until kids came along and in 2005 I went to the Dirt Side. Seemed to be the sane, licence preserving thing to do here in south east Queensland. Sold the chook chasers about 2 years ago and got into mountain biking BIG time.
    I bought myself a very tidy 2002 YamahaR1 in January and am easing my way back into motorcycling, when I am not out MTBing.
    My Sydney based brother, Chillertek, put me onto this forum and I hope to catch up on the 7 years I had off road riding. A lot has changed in that short time and I'm glad I didn't have 20 years off!


    On another note, how do I get an avatar and profile picture up? I can't work out how to make my photos so small. I seems a pretty tight limit on size compared to other forums. Cheers in advance.
  2. Welcome (back)
    Yep I've got an original laminated membership card, #1666 actually.....
    If you need to resize your pics to 1024x768 just download Photo Resizer or paint.net
  3. Sorry ! Welcome flyboy mate ! Got distracted there for a minute
  4. Well it's like this. We used to get a laminated membership card. Then Vic and Jason bought a proper credit-card-type card maker. Then Vic and Jason had a disagreement and went separate ways and Vic kept the card-maker.

    I'm not sure what happens with membership cards these days; I've got both a laminated one and a card one, I think Jason was looking to out-source making the cards at one stage....
  5. Hmmm shit go...would make life easier for both parties involved if trying to claim on a discount from a NR vendor...such is life though - would be nice to see the return of them at some point
  6. A MTBer? Nutters you lot are (with love) downhill or xc?
  7. XC mainly. I have a 26" dually, 29er hardtail and a 29er full rigid single speed. Got pretty much all disciplines covered except for full on downhill(too old for that anyway). I am fitter these last four years than I have even been in my life. Funny how comfortable an R1 seat is after sitting on a pushy seat for 6-8 hour rides! No complaints about the R1 for me...apart from the fact it is too quick at the moment. Getting my head around it all again. 8-[
  8. Ah, so my memory wasn't failing me! I have a feeling that I finally piffed the card a couple of years ago. Will have to have a look for it as it would be interesting to check my seniority.