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New Member - Shoalhaven District

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Millie, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. A quick hello from a new member from the Shoalhaven.

    I'm a new rider, still on my L's and hoping to move onto my provisional licence in the next couple of months. So right now I need to practise, practise, practise.... My plan is to commute to work (50+kms a day) and ride on weekends at every chance. My biggest trip so far was riding just over 1,000kms in a weekend down to Victoria and I'm planning to do the Snowy Ride in November.

    I was hoping to find some other girls in the area that ride?

  2. Welcome Millie lots of info for us newbie types (im one) to found here so have a look and the standard question is are you hot :)
  3. welcome millie, obviously you are hot....so my job being done, please enjoy the nuthouse :D
  4. lol, I have seen that is a fairly standard question and being a bloke you have to ask but .... you can see my avatar picture and I think being a nana and happily married, it's not really an issue... thanks for the welcome
  5. Welcome Millie , seriously impressed with your weekend trip to Victoria and your future plans ! Keep up the good work !
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  6. Welcome to NR(y)
  7. G'day Millie,

    Impressed with your 1000km ride!

    As for finding other riders have you looked into Ulysses - they have a branch at Ulladulla (I'm guessing if you're a nana you'd be eligible)

  8. Thanks for that, will look into it...also really pleased to find there is a women's forum on Netrider as well!
  9. yeah they fight almost just as much if not more than the normal forum, it's very entertaining when it spills over into the main forum
  10. welcome aboard, 1000kms and still on learners or did I read wrong? you've done well, keep smiling
  11. Say hello to Blabbs when you're in there.
    Also, welcome.
  12. Yes, just over 1,000 km's! Had fantastic ride down the NSW South Coast to Cann River, Victoria and then on to Mallacoota for night. Next day rode up to Bombala on Imlay Road and back down to the coast via Cathcart (both great roads with lots of cornering for me to practise on) then out to Tarthra for fish and chips and on up the coast home. Loved it and keen to go again.
  13. Ah... my neck of the woods. Some great rides down here - shame some of the roads are in such bad nick though.
  14. IT IS A SHAME ....but no coming down those mountains you took us through after caz's incident - i shatteth my pants and took like a grandma.