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New member saying g'day!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grumply, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    New member here, been lurking for the past week or so and decided to join up and say hi. I'm booked in for my 1-day learners course/license tomorrow, so very excited about that, just not too sure how I'm going to handle doing it in 41 degree heat :shock: down here in Melbourne (always book ahead they say!).

    A couple of quick questions I could do with some help on. Firstly riding gear, I've been down to a couple of shops and had a basic kit (helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, and those kevlar-lined jeans things) priced up at about $930. I knew I was going to have to spend a bit of dough on the kit, but I just wanted to check whether that sounds about right for basic gear? And whether it's worth looking for second-hand stuff.

    Also, having sat on a few 250s in my price range (about $2500-$3500, maybe $4000 at a stretch) I've found most of them to be a bit on the small side. I'm a reasonably big bloke 6' tall and 85kg, and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for learner bikes that are suited to taller folks? I'm thinking of cruisers/naked bikes more-so than the racing-style ones.

    Looking forward to spending some time on here, getting to know you all, and hopefully riding with a few of you in the not-too-distant future!


  2. Hi Grumply and welcome aboard.

    On your gear the pricing of around $1000 as a start is good. At least you're setting money aside for it. If you want to go second-hand I can't see it being a problem with pre-loved gear, but I'd tend to stay clear of a second-hand helmet. You'd rather not purchase a lid that may have been involved in a crash.
  3. I agree... I just recently got my L's and I spent about $1000 on helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots, all of it new stuff, but I never paid full retail price on any of them.

    I wouldn't have cared if it was second hand or not (with the helmet as the exception for me).

    With the L's, I did mine on a seriously hot couple of days as well, and I just brought a long sleeve shirt to wear which kept things heaps cooler for me.

    At 85kg I don't think your on the big side when I've seen some guys that have posted on here, who are taller and heavier, riding GPX250s. Just depends on what you feel comfortable with I guess! The most important thing is to test ride them to see if it suits you. It's good to set a budget, but my advice would be to select a few different bikes in that budget range and just try them all out. You'll eventually narrow down to the 1 or 2 bikes that are at the top of your list.
  4. Hey ya Grumply. Mate just brought all my gear for the first time. Was priced at $1020 but the shop I got it from knocked 30% of the price as I was buying my bike through them as well. Maybe that is something you can look at. i.e package deal. All the best for your course.
  5. Thanks fellas, I'll let you know it how it goes when I get back tomorrow.
  6. i ride a gpx... nice little bike, i can get a bit cramped at 6 foot something (i should measure...)

    although i didnt buy most of my gear at bike mart, its a good place. me and the old man bought some stuff together (all his gear n a few things for moi) n they have always knocked a fair chunk off the price n been very helpful :)

    good luck in the heat, i dont envy you! :LOL:
  7. Well I passed with flying colours! Drenched with sweat, but flying colours nonetheless! :grin: Now I just need to find myself a bike and all the other stuff!
  8. Congrats! on getting your L's esp. in this heat!

    (on a gear related note)

    I rekon i spent just shy of $1600 on my gear (draggin's, helmet, gloves, jacket, spine protector, boots) - but i figure if i can spend dollars and save skin i can live of 2 min noodles for a week more ;)

  9. Congrats on the L's matey.

    I wouldn't worry about $1000 on gear.

    The more diversity you have with your gear, the more diverse conditions you can comfortably ride.

    To date i think í've spent around $5000 but that's over time, when i first started i didn't worry about pants or boots and got off with helmet, jacket, gloves for $450. I was grossly underdressed. A good set of boots and draggins or touring pants can save you a helluva lot of hassle in the case of an off.

    Cheers and good luck with your riding. :wink:
  10. welcome, grats on the L's and good luck getting a bike...

    My advice would be to buy private sale to save a few K.

    Ask if you need someone to look at it for you before you buy..

    Make sure they have some kind of mechanical know how and not just changed their own oil a few times.