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New member sayin Hi! :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Screamin TE, May 10, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone! :) Just signe up and sayin g'day.

    My name is Chris and i come from Newcastle wa-ay, and I can pla-ay..........

    Sorry bout that. I only happened upon the site by accident, and i'm glad i did.
    I have had two bikes previous to the one i am looking at buying (see this thread : https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=83112#83112 ), and i have wanted a bike for as long as i remember. I am soon to come off of my P's and am keen to get my legs over a bike again.
    The bikes i used to have are in my sig, and i would have a pic of one attached to this post if i could work out how to......
    Well, i best be off. thanks for your time, and happy riding.
  2. Welcome to the world of Netrider Screamin TE

    I can't offer any advise on your VF1000 question so I'll just go with being part of the welcoming committee which no doubt will shortly make itself known to you ;)
  3. Hello and welcome screamin Te.

    sorry but I am in the same boat as ApriliaGirl as far as the VF is concerned, but someone will come along soon.

  4. But it won't be me :D
    I'm just here to welcome you to the site Screamin TE!!!
  5. Welcome to the forum screamin!
  6. Welcome to the forums mate.

    :D :D
  7. Newcastle, Newcastle, NEWCASTLE!

    Thank gawd, thought I was the only netrider within a 150km radius. PM me when you've got yer wheels, and let's go frighten some 'roos.
  8. Welcome mate :).

    Viva la V4, noice choice moite.
  9. G'day Screamin TE (that's gunna get abbreviated real soon!)

    Welcome to the twighlight zone, TE (told ya!)

    I too would like a VF1000, or early GSXR1000, being an old fart I like the mid 80's style. Just like the other post says, watch for cams made of putty, and that loooooong looooong timing chain that just has to stretch.

    Anyways, there is one for sale a coupla K's from my house, just gotta divert the missus long enough to sneak a look :twisted:

  10. Ello...... welcome to the house of fun:p
  11. Hey Guys n Girls,
    Thanks for the warm reply, much appreciated. :)
    I am much anticipating the purchase of the VF as i am very keen to get out there and have a ride.

    Spiky, about scaring kangaroos, im guessing you have a dirt bike??? Correct me if im wrong, but a VF probably wouldnt handle the scrub too well, heh heh.

    Oh well, ill see you all round. :)
  12. Welcome TE, ya got some good roads up that way, had many a fun day playing round the back of Morpeth and heading up the Hunter.
  13. Nope, it's a dual-purpose, but I'm far too crap to take it off-road. All 'roo scaring is done from the safety of tarmac.
  14. Sounds good. what part of Maitland are you in? I liv at Thornton, but most people have no idea where it is. :)
  15. Gday mate and welcome to the site

    Cheers 8)
  16. Just across the NEH. On a clear morning you can probably hear me start the bike up from where you are (and smell the fumes).