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New member (SA)

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    Just signed up here and made a few posts in this scooter section! Thought i might aswell introduce myself :D

    My name is Jason, I am 20 and live in Adelaide. Been looking at scootas over the past week and will be at Show and Go during the week to pick up my new Bolwell Jolie 50cc. As i live close to work and me and my gf both fit easy on this, it suits me well. Also i like the look of it in black!

    I cant wait to get it and ride it, and also i want to modify it already :LOL: Just the basics; exhaust, big bore kit for now but that will come after i get sick of the power.

    Also the name mr_sikma refers to my real beast (sorry a 4 wheeler) a Sigma Turbo with SIKMA plates.

    Heres a few pics of my new bike (same type anyway) and my car for those interested!

    Thanks :wink:



  2. Hi jason, welcome!

    Im from adelaide and 20 too!

    You should get a bike, not a scooter!

    :) :D :LOL:
  3. The scooter is cool. But I wouldn't mention the car again. (honestly! putting a turbo on a Sigma! talk about polishing a turd...)
  4. Guess who saw Cliffhanger last night.

  5. Different strokes for different folks. Nothing wrong with riding a scooter. Those things get some damn good fuel economy & have a hell of a lot of storage space.

    And they are still fun to ride :)
  6. I am choosing the scooter as a practical thing and to save money, but the more i look into it the more i get hooked!

    MOIKE: They actually come out factory turbo, 500 built. And it would eat your Old BMW '79 bike alive mate ;)
  7. Mike's just winding you up, mate, don't take that seriously.
    My only comment is that even though you live close to work and therefore a scooter is appealing, once you have got the feeling of riding, you may want to ride further afield and find the scooter a bit limiting. Maybe, unless you are committed already, a 250 cc bike might be a better all-round investment.
  8. Nah, let him buy a scooter. Welcome mate. A scooter is a superb choice if mileage is limited and you use what you save in owning it to save for a bike if you get hooked (and you WILL)

    As for the Sigma, well, again, horses for courses, good luck to ya.
  9. :LOL:

    I've seen that siggy b4! heheheheh

    and he's right they come out the factory that way, I know a guy who spent heaps trying to get his to come close to my S4 13B Extend ported turbo RX7... no chance there :p
  10. Hey Fluffy,

    Would like to hear more about ya mates Sigma and your RX7. Got any times or mods for either of them?

    I have ran a 14.8 with 2.6 and carby turbo set-up. Pretty stocky motor at the moment!
  11. Ahh ignore the cries of get a 'real bike', scooters have a styel all their own, and are fantastic for city parking, fuel consumption etc etc.

    Though you may want to go more than a 50. If you've got a bike licence, go take a look at the Peugot's and Vespas, they have soem really nice scooters that have a lot more than 50cc grunt.

  12. Hey dude, the Sev just got sold to a mate, he's turning it into a doo-rifter now, last eta'd time tho was high 12's to low 13's at worst. Running 27 Lb on a T04 extended ported 13B, front mount cooler, puter, locked diff, etc. she gets up and goes with no issues...

    My mate with the siggy i havn't seen for a while but he was running the same 2.6 carby-turbs, went bloody hard still but not quite a rota :p, I'd put it in the 14's too though...
  13. I'm a bit of a two-wheeled newbie myself.

    I was thinking of a 50cc scooter, however given that I'm a trainee fat bastard (~105kg @ 190cm), I was somewhat concerned that a 50cc scooter would struggle to move with my weight on it.

    So, I went to the Ridersafe course and bought a 1985 Honda Spacy CH250. I originally wanted a CT110, but I couldn't find a decent one when I looked around. The Spacy is a grand old lady of the road, will outgun most stuff on four wheels in a 0-60 sprint, and eats 50cc scooters for breakfast. :p

    And don't be dissing Sigmas. I've owned 5 of 'em over the years ... but let's not go there. ;)
  14. Hi Tone

    I'd be interested to hear of your Ridersafe experience. Did you use one of their @125's or a conventional bike?
  15. Hey Rob, the ridersafe course is designed for people who havn't even ridden a pushbike before. They are there to make sure your not ignorant of the factors behind riding a bike, not to give you super skillz... I would suggest using their trialbikes over their scooter anyway, the XT 185's are the easiest little things to handle, like mini bikes almost :p
  16. * DELETED * double post.
  17. The first time I did Rider Safe, I did it on a conventional bike (Suzuki GN250). I failed. :cry: My downfall was clutch control. The fact that I was the oldest one at an all male course (at the ripe old age of 29!), plus the fact I was the only one on that course that hadn't either had their Ls before or had recent off-road experience didn't help either. I felt a bit intimidated by it all.

    The second time I did it, it was overbooked - not enough bikes. That, and there was a broader mix of genders, ages and skills. So, I scored the @125 by default and felt more at ease overall. I passed. :D
  18. Hi guys,

    Another newbie here. My name is Matt I live in Wagga NSw, I am 30 and am a bit of a scooter nut, (Vespa'a Actually.).

    Just thought I would say hi.
  19. Hi mattvespa , welcome.
  20. hmmm, a scooter in Wagga Wagga. Great place to ride, no huge hills or scooter-hostile traffic. I guess you don't tour, though, eh?

    Welcome to the forum!