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New member/rider from overseas in NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stiltzkin, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    First of all, great forum!

    Just wanted to introduce my self. I'm in Australia to work a while and during that time I figured I should learn how to ride a motorcycle. It started with my colleague riding to work every day so I got inspired. I looked up the regulations with RTA and a couple of months later I had my Ls :]

    I also bought a new bike, a Honda CBR125R, yeah yeah, I know.. But it's a really good learners bike and I like it alot :] Have been riding for 1 month now and I love it, just need to get more confident. Should have started this project way earlier ;)

  2. welcome, what country r u from and where r u staying?
  3. Ah, sorry. I'm from Sweden and are living in Sydney. Thinking about going to one of those new riders event here in Sydney.
  4. welcome mate, u could go to the Homebush learners sessions to boost your confidence
  5. Welcome! I second the suggestion for the Homebush learner sessions...nice people to hang out with and all very willing to assist and give advice.
  6. Welcome
  7. Welcome.
    Enjoy and ride safe.
  8. I'll will definitely go to one of those learners session. It sounds great. Think I will even try this Saturday. Thanks
  9. Älskling du måste missa sill.
  10. Rattus, I translate your above Swedish post thus:


    "Darling yous must miss herring"
  11. Hehe, no, herring can be found at IKEA ;)