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New member, relatively new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by brabs, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. G'day all, I've found this to be one of the better bike forums around so I thought it's about time I joined.

    I've been riding for close to a year, still on my first bike ('04 Monster 620). I live in Stanmore and I do see a lot of riders around the area, often the same ones.

    I ride the Old Road quite regularly and Putty Road every now and then so it's probably safe to say i've seen more than a couple of you guys/girls out on the road.

  2. G'day Brabs, we used to have a Blabs here but he went walkabout.
  3. G'day Brabs Welcome to NR. Tell me, what's the drawing mean in your 'avatar' image.
  4. Welcome,
    hmmm, rides a Duke, has a similar name but doesn't live in SA....

    I'm going to wait for talk of lists, female only forums, and numpties before making my mind up. :cautious:
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  5. Ahhhh,my asian cousin.
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  6. Thought that might bring you out of the woodwork, how ya going ya goose?
  7. Thanks for the welcome.

    My avatar is an extremely crude freehand drawing of a 2 valve ducati air coolie. Best I could do at the time!

    Not sure what you're talking about mate but i'm sure that whatever your suspicions are they will be nullified in due time.

  8. Check post #5.
  9. Herro Brabs! Wercome to Netlider!

    And so it begins...
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  10. I gotta job,but I never hi-jack threads,so I might start one.
    It'll give the paster something to do.
  11. Watch this space......
  12. Got it. That just happened to be posted while I was writing that post.
  13. Enjoy your M620 mate.
    Beats the crap out of a generic CBGS 450 whatever.
  14. Great, now Blabbs is talking to himself.

    Says a lot for the witty banter we provide.
  15. It's original! :)

  16. Konichiwa mate
    The M620 is great fun. Would be nice if it had a bit more grunt but it does the job and it looks and sounds incredible.

    Thanks mate! Couldn't find a suitable pic of my bike at the time so I thought I'd whip out the old MSPaint and draw it.
  17. Ok new bloke, now we have established that you aren't Blabbs, we can resume normal transmission.
    I think.
  18. yep, welcome aboard brabs :) keep on smiling is all I can say :)