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New Member - Reborn Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by J_B, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. G'Day All,

    After about a five year break, im back on two wheels and lovin it... 2 days in and its all comin back to me.... Made the move to Super Motard and I'm loving it :grin: .

    Lookin forward to some reading and contributing to the forum...



    EDIT... Sorry, posted in wrong section. Mods... apologies, could you move, thanks.
  2. Hi motard (surprised that wasn't already taken as a 'nick')

    Welcome to the friendly forum, and welcome back to two wheels, too :)
  3. Yea it took me by quite some surprise too. But there doesnt seem to be that many Motard riders on the forum. Ill need to do some preaching! Better get myself soughted first though.


  4. Preach the Word!!! (translation....definately an option to replace the blade)

    Welcome Motard.
  5. Welcome and welcome back.
  6. Spotted a few 'tards' about the place have you, Paul?
  7. welcome aboard mo. mind if i call you mo?
  8. Gidday Mo and Welcome. Id be keen to learn a little more about them motards as well! :)
  9. Gday m8 and welcome
    Cheers :cool:
  10. No probs on the "Mo", Ill start using it to sign - that way if people search for the term "Motard" they wont get all of my posts.

    As for those interested in hearing more about Motards, Ill keep you up to date. Its still early days for me - but HELL yea the fun doesnt stop.

    Not that it matters, but definately get a lot of interesed looks riding this weapon around - does make me feel good though :grin:

    Are there any other Motard riders on this forum?


  11. Welcome to the forum mate!

    Wouldn't be able to convert me to motards, I don't like the image!
  12. welcome to the forum mate
    and if i ever get a chance ill give the motards a go
    :grin: :grin:
    i want to try all styles of bikes