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New member rant. Near death at round-a-bout

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bennjamin, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. hey everyone ,

    As a new member I feel the need to post my recent incident that brings me here with a sore wrist and sore arse ! Not too bothered to post word for word so here is my *edited* report to my insurance company. Let me know if its not allowed mods !

    I sit here waiting for news from my insurance company - claim is filed ive gotten a quote from a repairer for all replacement parts etc i just want this done and gone. As you can see the other party is being difficult.
  2. They're obviously going to avoid you,

    Did you get a witness's details?
  3. That bloody sucks.. Thats like the ***** that wrote my car off and told me he was 'saving up for insurance'.
  4. Given that she is the "at fault" party, let your insurance company deal with it.

    Although, as the police attended they should have some sort of incident report, which you can get hold of to help with your claim.
  5. Her insurance details are a nice to know only. If you have here name, rego, license number, address and car type, then that should be enough to claim from your insurer.

    As you didn't actually collide with her car a witness is going to go a long way to helping you (as mentioned above).
  6. Witness will also give the police the basis to charge for failing to give way.
  7. Let her know that the police advised you that it is illegal to withold insurance details and allow her to have time to call them. Call her back once you've given her an hour or so to check this and get her details. You don't put a claim through until the police have stated who is at fault however, it is helpful to have all the details.

    As soon as someone is placed at fault by the police, you can both proceed. However, unless you have a police report saying who's at fault you can't do much. Just wait. Don't fret too much, the cops took 3 weeks to get through my report and I enjoyed many sleepless nights. Once thats through, you can proceed.
  8. I don't know where you are getting that advice from. I been involved in a few accidents and the police didn't even know about it. They do not have to rule before you can claim.

    just process it through your insurance.
  9. this is true if a party accepts Fault for the accident.
    But im guess litlle miss Civic wont be putting her hand up for that
    In a 2 car accident where there has been no contact the only people who can lay the fault would be the police after a investigation.
    so yes he can claim but without the other driver ruled as the driver at fault it would mean there gos your no claim and up gos your excess
  10. thanks for the replies

    Because there has been no actual impact , and the way she is dodging me ofcourse she is sitting and not admitting anything.
    As it stands , I have submitted a claim and given all details i can - in which my insurance company has replied that they will do what they can , if the chance happens that she is untouchable ( ie denies no proof etc ) then they will ask me if to proceed with my claim and I will have to pay excess etc. But if I choose i probably wont and repair the damage myself. ( bent brake pedals and bent bar are the only things i would fix )

    Ive been told that you must file the claim , and the insurance will keep on top of the police report and contact the other parties insurance etc. Lets see if she actually has insurance.
  11. Dude, the witnesses, if any, are the key to this.
  12. The police ought to have taken some witness statements and/or details when they arrived at the scene, if any of them were still there.
  13. As long as you have a witness you haven't anything to worry about. Unless you have CCTV, in my case CCTV from the train station. Always grab witness's details.

    I always ride with a video camera now rolling. I got a tiny digital vid camera from ebay. They're about $30 and tiny. Records a couple of hours on a 8gb microsd.

  14. JTW, I bought one of those, but Vista won't detect the stupid thing... sigh.
  15. Strange. If you got the SD card in, plug it, t should just come up as a usb drive.
  16. As others have said, a witness is really what you need. Otherwise if they deny everything you're stuffed.

    Works on mine :-s

    I have that md80 style camera but only realistically lasts ~1-2 hours before the 8 gig card is full. What I really want is a tiny bullet cam you can mount under the front fairing to capture everything, but waterproof and wired in so its a permanent fixture and has a few hour recording capacity, looping back to record over itself once its full. There are a few cams that'll do that, but not cheaply.
  17. I want what the police have got. Same as what's mentioned above, constantly recording but not saving. When you hit the lights/sirens/button it saves the previous few minutes as well as everything from the moment you trigger it.
  18. Not a bad idea, but good for bluff value or convincing the police only. I understand it would not be admissible in court. Cops get away with it because they have documented procedures. amateur electronic video is a different matter.
  19. Your prayers have been answered