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New Member, Old Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by more$thansense, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all, new to bike forums but with 26 years riding experience behind me. Currently on a Ducati 500 Pantah ('83), would have loved a ride today but waiting for a new battery- has anyone had any experience with sealed AGM units eg Motobatt? I have recently sold a BuellXB12R that I bought new from the now defunct CJs Big Twin in '05. Lots of fun but had a few issues during its life (like a girl I once knew) but nothing that couldn't be solved with liberal amounts of cash. Anyhow that's enough from me, looking forward to hearing and learning from you all.

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  2. Welcome to the forum, the 500 Pantah is quite a machine good to hear you are still actively riding it.
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider! :)
  5. Welcome to Netrider. You no doubt know the famous Ducati Pantah 500 story from the Coca-Cola 800 at Oran Park back in the eighties?????
  6. No I don't.. Could you enlighten me?
  7. Norm Fraser entered a 500 Pantah for the '81 race. It was to be ridden by two gun A-graders, Steve Fisher and Lee Roebuck, from Goulburn. The bike was fitted with a 601cc race kit and astonished everyone by setting pole position in a wet qualifying session.
    However disaster stuck a moment later when the bike 'lunched' its front piston and barrel. Although the race was strictly for bikes 600cc and over, the team replaced the motor with a dead stock 500cc unit and started the race. It was swamped in the dry early, but after the rain set in it came into its own. Lee and Steve brought the baby Duke home in an incredible third place, behind the highly modified Yamaha XS-1100 of Greg Pretty and a Suzuki XS1100. The winning bike did 270 laps and the little Pantah clocked 265.2 laps, the same number of laps as the second placed Suzuki.
    Coca Cola 800 - 1981.
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  8. Welcome $>c, lovely bike!
  9. I've been running a Motobatt sealed unit for two years and no problems apart from when the regulator was failing to charge it!
    Now that the system is working, it holds charge very well.
  10. Thanks for that, much appreciated. The Revs race coverage was of a very high quality wasn't it? I do remember buying it when I started riding in 1990, think it was absorbed by another mag a few years later.
    I will be heading down to Melbourne later in the week, so glad that it's cool not 38plus degrees. Looking forward to checking out the bike shops in Elizabeth St, may even buy a summer jacket I've been promising myself every January!
  11. REVS race reports were always to rate, Bernie Summers, who was also a racer, often wrote them and his knowledge was very good.
    I was at that race meeting, of course, and the weather was appalling. Wayne Gardner was a renowned web-foot, but after he crashed for the third time he flung the bike at the fence and walked back to the pits in disgust.