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New member, old rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by CBobster, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone. Long time reader of many forums (bikes and cars), new member. Current ride 2008 Honda CB400A; no plans to change bikes again.

    Early riding history - bought Kawasaki Z400 when 17, traded on an RD400 two-stroke shortly thereafter. Crashed the RD, bought a trail bike. Trail bike died, bought a later Z400 but lost interest when marriage and children came along.

    At 50 years of age, with children now adults, decided a bike would give an amount of excitement to the work commute. Bought a grey import CB400 (1994 I think), absolutely loved the feeling of riding it home for the first time from the dealer; excited and terrified at the same time, just like when I rode the first Z400 home. After a while, decided a bigger bike was needed and maybe my wife would get on the back again. Traded the CB400 on an import FJ1200. Awesome bike, my first experience with massive horsepower and torque. My wife however would not get on the bike for love nor money; had to respect her decision.

    The FJ was a low km but old bike, decided in for a penny in for a pound and looked around for a new bike with enough power for just me. Settled on an FZ6S. Beautiful bike. Brand new. No service issues. Loved it.

    Met up with a mate (slightly younger) who had also got back into biking, on an SV650. Rode to the island in 2007 on the first Aussiebiker (Noosa) guided tour with the mate, then did 2008 again alone. Extremely capable bike - did a 1000km Far Ride on it. In 2009, planned the island trip on our own, in a group of four bikes. I made it as far as Grafton on the first afternoon (the black hole for motorcycles) then rode the FZ off the road into a bank, broken tib, fib and femur. Helicopter to Lismore hospital, steel pins inserted. Operation so bad one pin was subsequently removed in brisbane, the other too fixed in place to be touched. Still bothering me. A massive lesson in how not to ride when you are well over-tired and not mentally sharp.

    Bought an SV650 naked with the insurance, rode it as soon as I was down to one crutch (with the crutch strapped to the side of the bike) but never really bonded with the bike. Stopped riding after moving to a new home with easy public transport links. Sold the SV for peanuts.

    In 2013, sick of public transport and the cost ($10 each way, every day - thankyou Brisbane City Council) was enough to pay off another bike. This time, at age 56, much more aware of my true needs. No plans to ride to the island again, but thought commuting a lesser risk and just maybe would make me happier going to work. Bought a low km 2008 CB400ABS, tricolour. Fantastic bike, my commute from the western suburbs is part freeway and part city (with footpath parking). I love the vtec engine and ease of handling the bike. Have added a CB400 specific fairing from Japan (my son works there) and a cheapie belly pan from Singapore. Added a top box. The bike is perfect for what I need, and these days I don't attempt to ride fast anymore. I'm slow, but happy. I love the technology of this bike, it feels like a much larger machine and leaves the traffic behind without any trouble whatsoever. And it looks great.

    Will have new PR4 tyres tomorrow morning, will make it feel even better I'm sure. So for now, I'm enjoying reading the CB400 thread, all 200+ pages of it, from the beginning. Happy biking everyone :)
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  2. Quite an introduction :) Welcome (y)
  3. Welcome CB.
    Great intro.
  4. Top intro :) welcome aboard:)
  5. Loved the intro...

    Welcome to NR..
  6. Cheers everybody, appreciate the welcome..
  7. Yep, hmmm, bugger, spoil sport , jealous, ouch, oooh, way to go - onwards and upwards. :watching:

    Welcome to NR, good choice of bike too
  8. Welcome from a couple of hundred ks South of you (I'm actually a fairly recent ex-Brisbanite). I had a CB400 supplied for a rider training course I did a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed riding it, and can see it being a fantastic commuter -- nippy and light, and way more fun than public transport. Just watch all those soccer moms in vast gleaming 4x4s on your morning run (I bicycle-commuted in Brisbane and was prey to approximately 1 murder attempt a week mostly by Prado-wielding incompetents).
  9. Oh yeah I know where you're coming from; I have great bicycle access the city on mostly bike paths and commuted this way most days for about 18 months. Went from a mountain bike to a carbon Merida bike, did the Bne-Gold Coast 100k ride in 2011,2012 and this year.
    But I got fed up with the various attempts on my life by cars but also other cyclists - the ones riding in groups, in full lycra, at ridiculous speeds. I'm convinced its safer on a motorbike on the road, wearing protective gear, than coming off on the bike path with no protection at all. Plus, for some reason I cannot find a saddle that's comfortable for me anymore - so the pushy is going to be sold.
  10. Welcome! 56 years young. Yes we all say we won't ride fast, but then...........

    I'd be interested in what you think of the PR4s. I'm in need to some new rubber on the VFR and am seriously considering them

    Enjoy your riding; you'll find many 50 year young plus riders on NR
  11. yes welcome.
    64 years young back after 10 years not ridding and Bandit01 is right we say not going to ride fast.
  12. Welcome to the Forum.
  13. Wow - Grafton is certainly the bane of bikes and cars alike - lived in Casino and spent time commuting - I know exactly what you are saying. Glad you are back riding - enjoy