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New member NOT

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Well since the whole forum is full of people saying "Hi I'm new"
    Thought I would say hello I'm an old member!

    (Getting into the act and bored cos the weather suxors)
  2. Hello old member..

    Anyone would think Im bored cause the weather sux as well..
  3. I ride a motorcycle :wink:

    bored too
  4. Welcome :) I'm sure you will enjoy it here :D

    I'm bored as well.. Can we have an I'm bored sticky?

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. this melbourne weather makes u want to suck on a revolver, anyways im an old face with a new username (previous was 'restricted'), hope this time i will remember my password.
  6. And now your account is dissabled because you failed to email an admin and request that your password be reset.

    I have emailed you a new password.
  7. Bored????

    Go do some washing, vacuum the house, bake a cake! Watch tv. Play with the kids!! Lots of things to do!
  8. do washing....can only hang so much wet cloths around the house

    vacuum the house....done this morning

    bake a cake....you trying to burn my house down

    watch tv....nothing but crap on

    play with the kids....he is at his dads house

    OMG... Im so bored I think I will got and do my sons school project for him
  9. Not very appealing options you give there Knightrider!
    Faced with them I think I would prefer to borrow cruiza's revolver!

    Then again maybe Ide just rug up an go for a ride, wet and cold would still be a far more appealing option!
  10. Howdy, and boo :D

    Hmmm resorting my sock draw im tha bored, no sorry trying to do some graphics for my new website.

  11. U guys shoulda been doing what I was doing!!! Out riding in the rain for 6 hours!! hoorah!!! *fuak,scruffing,mutter,bloody*.....grrrrr Oh well, had a 3 hour lunch break for which I was paid $15 per hour :D
  12. oooo,sounds like fun! :p Can i not join in next time!lol! :p

    I could handle a 3 hour lunch break at $15p/h though! :p 8)
  13. That's exactly what I did, cept I baked cookies instead of cake.... Man, this is serious boredom....
  14. lol.. i should say hi to all as well, new to forums but been around before netrider was established as a group/club.. been slack and hardly get out to see the oldies now days.. i should get my arse along to a coffee nite
  15. Come tonight and get your head shaved, u old git :p :LOL:
  16. lol i will be there then.. but i aint shaving my head ya gimp..
    i take it you are going jason?