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New Member, Newish Rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Coco., Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    My boyfriend & I both got our first bikes in Jan. He, a new DRZ400 and me (not having the luxury of a bank loan), a Suzi Across. I've grown up with a bike enthusiast for a dad & now that I have my own, I'm surprised it's taken me this long.

    I'm loving the freedom and exhilaration that owning a bike offers, but I still have a steep learning curve ahead of me.

    In July, I put her into a slide on a dark, rainy morning after misjudging the speed of a ute entering a roundabout from my right. With my lack of experience and a daily 6am half-asleep commute in the dark from Northcote to Epping, it was just a matter of time. It really made me realise how important it is to be in an optimal mental & physical state before jumping on the bike. No more bleary-eyed rides!

    The drop cracked my generator cover and dinged up the lovely custom yellow paint job (the previous owner was clearly lusting after a Ducati).

    After 3 months in the garage, a new cover and some tinkering, she started up first time. Say what you want about the "Handbag", but it is a profoundly stoic little bike. Seriously bulletproof.

    How I've missed riding! I'm already thinking about my next two-wheeled addition to our garage. I love my screaming little Suzi, but something with a little more torque would be nice!

  2. It's no fun when you give us permission.:( Welcome anyway though.

    As for wanting a similar bike to the GSX250F but with more torque (yet a similar price), the solution is easy. A GSX750F. :)
  3. welcome to Netrider, and the joys of riding, particularly on damp dark roads :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome, guys!

    Yes I'm glad to still have a working bike, Paul! And even happier to have continued use of my legs. I'm sure I'm not the first new rider to lose a little pride under those conditions. Just lucky I didn't lose more. ;)

    I started off thinking about getting another sports tourer and was looking at the 750 or VFR750/800 (a nod to Paul there). But I'm now looking at maybe going for a different style with my next purchase. Just for a taste of variety. Probably a later model, too, if not brand new.
  5. Welcome to NR. Also for some strange reason I thought that was "new member, jewish rider". Weirddd
  6. welcome bud - always been a fan of the across's ...might add one to the stable soon enough -
  7. Welcome Coco and enjoy your new holiday home which is NR (y)

    87crisis you're slippin' matie..no "are you hot?" :eek:
  8. ARE YOU HOT?!

    suck it once more crisis

    :edit: Also welcome :D
  9. Welcome to NR.

    Don't worry - the "are you hot" question is standard fare here.
  10. That's just not one for me to decide, fellas (& thanks phil, for saving me from having to dignify the others with a real answer)!

    You have a pretty serious 250 collection happening there, crisis. Gotta love the little CBX. And that ZXR's an inline four, yeah? Bet she's a screamer!

    Definitely make a space in your shed for an Across. No grunt, but it's still ripper fun for a wee bike and that 4-cylinder howl when you open up is something special.

    My boyfriend normally rides a motard, but has stolen the Across for a few spins and has now decided he needs a sports bike. Albeit a bigger, meaner Daytona 675R. Always has to one-up me, that guy...
  11. oi keep it in ya pants you lot :finger: and have some respect for a fellow newbie Netrider

    Welcome to the Nuthouse Coco, you'll soon get used to ignoring them ;)
  12. Glad to be here, Queen Bee!

    I'm looking forward to meeting other riders through NR. At the moment, we're just a gang of two, Tim and I. Occasionally my dad joins us now that he's back on the bike after hip surgery. My little brother also used to ride, but now his wreck of a Falco sits in our shed after he highsided it quite spectacularly.

    We've been trying to convert our mates to riding and are putting the pressure on a mate to save some cash for a first bike that he's been talking about for years. Our preaching seems to be more successful with the boys than the girls. Go figure. So what I'm really looking forward to is meeting other girls who ride.
  13. Its a shame you missed sat morning practice today.. (i did too.. same reasons) but there is no shame in turning up at about 10:30 - 11 either.. (i didnt .. same reasons :p )

    Welcome To NR.
  14. welcome to both of you :)
  15. I'll be heading down to North Melb for the Tuesday evening ride. Hopefully I can put some faces to names there. :)
  16. Welcome! Good luck with converting your friends, we are doing the same now that my Mrs rides as well :)

    I wouldnt be knocking the across, its a great idea for a newbie bike!