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New member, newish rider from Bris.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Modesto, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. G'day all. I've been riding for about 2 years now and have become obsessed with it. I had frequented the ossie SV forums since I own an sv650na k8 but just upgraded to a Beemer K1300r.

  2. welcome mate, i just test rode a K1300S on Saturday with quick shift, happy days
  3. Thanks Goz. Yeah, I love this machine and the quick shift is sweet! I just got new tyres which have remained shiny for > 24 hrs. An abomination I have to fix with a decent ride!
  4. welcome to the nutfactory!

    we're going on a ride sunday. check QLD ride thread for details if ya wanna tag along
  5. Yeah I'd like to do that very much I'll go have a look at the details and let you know
  6. Hope you have insurance.
  7. As I recall, at toastmasters, the first thing they make you do is stand up and introduce yourself. Then they critique your performance. So...

    Michael - 47 yo married grandfather, riding since 1970, currently bikeless and slightly banged up due to a nice little old lady doing a U-turn into me a year and a half ago. The silver lining is that incident will pay for a new sports tourer to cart self and wife around, and a new king of the hill sports bike, because I want one, and if I don't do it soon I'll be too old and toothless to enjoy it. I have a 2011 ZX10R very much in mind. The 2up machine rather depends on the wife, so that means test riding about 30 different bikes, starting with the new 1050 GT, and the 1250FA. It's a tough job, but hopefully I'm man enough for it.

    I like music and horses and long walks on the beach ... and you get the picture.

    I do suffer from keyboard Diarrhea, so one liners drift off into war and peace. You have been warned. I tell bad jokes, think I know more than I really do, and I understand I snore.

    Seeks generous mature lady for discrete afternoon - whoops, wrong classified!