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New member - new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CareyT, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Hi - very excited about passing my Ls today in Adelaide and really looking forward to riding my new bike (Honda CB500x sports).
    Completely new to riding - covered many a kilometre on the back but now it's my turn :)
    If anyone else on here is from Adelaide would be great to hear from you and how you started out.
    Cheers Carey

  2. Welcome from another South Aussie :)
  3. Thanks. It's very exciting to be at this point with the whole experience waiting out in front of me!
    Do you know any L riding groups that get around Adelaide or any businesses that teach further skills?
  4. Absolutely. I went for a hills ride with a group called AMG (Adelaide Motorcycle Group) which was made up of riders of varying skill. There is a company called RADS or Riding and Driving Skills which run Learners courses etc.
  5. Thank you really appreciate that.
    Will have a look at both :)
  6. Hi Carey , welcome to NR and to a life on two wheels ! SA is slowly growing in numbers . I'm from the southern suburbs , happy to help out if I can . There's a few newbie's here too .
  7. And I'm also over on AMG .
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  8. Welcome, lets us know how you go with the CB500X. I was negotiating to buy one when the CB400 came up a the right price.

    A mate in Thailand just bought one, apparently they are all the rage with the ex pat community over there.
  9. First l ride today out there in the big wide world (haha) ..... Awesome

    While I have nothing to compare so far I'm loving the 500 though feels huge now having sat my test on the SA Govt school 125! :)
  10. Thanks GoldNine :)