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New Member, New Rider, ZXR250a

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VBman, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Hi just thought i'd introduce myself im a new rider (actually i havent even ridden on the road yet, read to find out why).

    Im a mechanic (on cars), 26 years old, From Nowra (NSW) and have just got my first bike.

    I managed to pick up this ZXR250 Ninja (Series A) very cheap.
    <Cant post pics until ive had 5 posts :( >

    I love the bike, so i went and got my L's. And now im in the process of getting the bike ready to ride (It is VERY hard to start when cold, even with a new battery, you have to clutch start it).

    I'll be posting some questions in the technical section, but thought i'd introdue myself here first,

    so hi :)
  2. Welcome! Come to our Wollongong netrider meet. Ive posted it up in the NSW Rides/Events forum.
  3. Grats, and welcome. Youll love it. :D

    Come back and show off your bike when youve got the posts up!
  4. welcome. you is mechanic. you fix bike. you get licence. you ride. smiles all round there champ. good choice
  5. Welcome Aboard !

  6. zxr250.... nice one man :)

    get some pics up tho
    u can post them now
  7. Seemed to start a lot better today maybe its just me needing to get used to the "trick" to starting it.
  8. Ok heres some pics.


  9. Its not the battery, its the carbs.

    Give the carbs a good clean and balance and she'll be right.
  10. Looks nice, hope it goes well for you. Enjoy and ride safely
  11. like your rims!