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New member, new bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Berto, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Have been lurking a bit and riding an Aprilia Shiver for the last few years... recently traded in for a Tuono V4R (made the mistake of going for a test ride ;-)). Thought it was time to get involved! It's a pretty huge step up in performance, really looking forward to getting some rides in on our amazing tasmanian roads. One week to go!!

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  2. Hi and welcome BertoBerto
    Very nice bikes those Aprilias!
    Few Tassie devils already on NR as well.
    Enjoy your ride and look forward to some photos.
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  3. Dammit BertoBerto , if we'd known there was a Shiver down in Hobart we could've justified having a Shiver Club meeting at your place!

    "Bye love, just going to the Shiver meeting, see you in...er...4 days".
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  4. Nice bike!

    And welcome Berto!
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  5. welcome aboard :]
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  6. Welcome BertoBerto

    Just remember the rules: He, who is from Tasmania, shall not post pics of Tasmania

    You don't want to ruffle the feathers of jealousy as a newbie Mate ;)
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  7. You can stay.

    I am pining.....
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  8. G'day BertoBerto and welcome to Netrider. Nice bike and also nice avatar - where was that snowy photo taken?
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  9. Welcome to NR..

    Awesome bike..
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  10. Welcome mate.

    I predict a yearly Netrider Tasmania tour starting soon....
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  11. Wow, thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Just enough time to take the long way down... I'm sure there's more about, but I can only remember ever seeing one other Shiver down here, Aprilias in general seem pretty rare on the island

    Haha too late, sorry (see below). Typical Taswegian. I'll try to make sure any future bike pics aren't ruined with scenery :v

    Thanks, the photo is from a few weeks ago on Mt Wellington. You probably know, but it's the mountain beside Hobart, about 20min drive / ride to the top. Beautiful, but insanely cold up there this time of year
    Yeah, I've been pining after it more or less since it came out a few years ago. As you say, it's always n+1 but hoping this is it for me!
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  12. Gidday and welcome Berto. Hoping we can perhaps catch up during our next Tassie Tour. Looking forward to once again sharing your glorious countryside.
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  13. Mt Wellington (Tasmania all over, really) is on my list of 'places I'd like to ride a motorcycle'. It's always amazing to see occasional photos of it with a dusting of snow in Summer! Did you happen to see the recent aurora?
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  14. That's a great bike Berto, bet you can't wait!!!! oh and when you finally stop riding it post up some pics for us all ;)
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  15. It's a great ride, but not really in terms of the road itself (mostly 50-60km/hr and fairly tight). What makes it great is the experience of going up the side of a mountain and the views, which are incredible. When you come back down you can easily carry on to some fantastic twisties down south, lots of day ride loops from there. I've only seen the aurora once, but some of my mates that are into photography have done better (prob because they are willing to get up at 3am to see it!)
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