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New member - New Bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by add1ct, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hi All, I joined this forum a little while ago prior to getting my full license. Since then I have been hunting around trying to make a decision on what bike to get.

    Well after a HEAP of research, visiting bike shops, sitting on various models and then finally some test rides, I decided to move from my Suzuki GS500F to a brand new 2013 GSX-R750 L3. I'm amped! Got it last week and I loooove it!

    I live not to far from the Nasho - south of Sutho, NSW. So if anyones ever wanting to go for a ride through the Nasho, or any bike events are happening nearby I'd love to hear from you

    BTW - This is by far the best bike forum I've come across since I've been looking round the many that exist over the past couple of years, so happy to finally sign up and participate
  2. Welcome add1ct, Always had a soft spot for the Gixxers. Post some pics when you get a few more posts. Images posting is restricted for a while until you build your post count up. Is it the blue and white colour scheme?
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  3. Hey CJVFR - Yeah I'm very happy with my choice in becoming a gixxer man. I went for the black/grey model. Also decided on the 750 over the thou. I test rode em both for an extended period of time. In the end I decided the 750 was much more nimble which I like as I commute daily and also love the twisties!. It still has a hell of a lot of power, more than I'll ever outride and handles like a dream
  4. G'day bloke, enjoy the ride.
  5. Add1ct,

    Good choice of ride. Your first bike being a GSF500F is a darn good starting bike, but also one you can keep for quite some time. My son started on a GSF500F and now has a 2010 GSX-R750 with a little bit done to it. Nice to ride and fun. Remember its easy to get into trouble on a bike this size; so be careful. The two advanced stay upright courses are a great way to increase your skill level and ride safer.

    Might catch up one day through the Natho; only problem is it patrolled fairly heavily now by the men with flashing blue lights
  6. Thanks Bandit01. Yes the GS500F was recommended to me by a mate and I'm so glad I listened and got it, it's been a great bike to learn on. I still have it but will have to sell soon for financial reasons. If I could afford to keep it as a second bike, I would!. The GSX-R has been fantastic. I can see how I could easily get myself in to trouble on it, it has sooo much power. I am loving it though. I'm so stoked with my purchase.