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New member needing some advice on front shockers

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Da Fez, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Hi

    i'm a new member but have been browersing this site for a while now and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

    i have got a 93' ZXR250C and have been riding since Jan 05 and recently noticed that the shockers are very stiff Especially going up driveways. it has olso affected and generally handling of the bike. I'm locking the back wheel alot more where i never used to.

    when i bought the bike it had leeking fork seals, which i got fixed and also i had one of the shockers leeking oil like a gripping tap due to a broken bolt.

    are my shocks out of oil or are they siezing? Is it maybe as simple as readjusting the settings ( cos i have put on some weight 66-67kg) or is it something totally different?

    thanks in advanced

  2. did you put on 66Kg since the forks were fixed?? if so than they need to be set up for your New weight... As I asume the mechanic who fixed them set them up for your previous weight...

    With extra 66Kg... I would take it to a specialist... you might need to change the springs, valves and oil...
  3. No, soory i weight 66kg now, i've put on about 5kgs

    how much do u think it might cost for new springs and valves?
  4. You've got broken bolt on one of your forklegs, said broken bolt is causing oil to leak from aforementioned forkleg and your query is "Is it maybe as simple as adjusting the settings?"

    No. It's as simple as fixing the phuqquing leak.
  5. i did fix the broken bolt, i must of forgot the mention that small detail

    then again i thought that i would have be obvious that i got that fix striaght away because i'm sure that noone likes riding around with oil leaking like a tap on their front wheel

    thank for the advice IK
  6. hmm did you replace the oil that leaked out??

    I'm preaty good with servicing and ajusting forks though I must confess I never worked on upsidedown forks..

    I belive your forks have settings for both rebound and preload... so prehaps playing with the preload (setting it to less) should help...
  7. better off taking it to someone to have it checked. dont play with your life mate..
  8. People have done that, and worse.

    What sort of shape are your tyres in?
    What pressures are they running?
    Etc, etc...

    Getting the suspension resprung and revalved on a ZXR250 would be a waste of money even if you didn't weigh pretty much spot-bollock what the designers would've had in mind when they set the suspension tune.
  9. I agree... but at least some one should check if the forks are good in the first place... the old oil b4 it was replaced could havwe been contaminated (I have seen one with water in it coz the seals were so bad!!) and pluged up the valves... so just changing it could have done nothing.. lol most places when you get the foks serviced they just drain the old oil and put new stuff in.. I have taken a fair fiew appart... even ones with "good" oil seals.. after a time the oil can go bad... real bad... Also it sounds like after they were serviced they were ok for some time... and got worse progresively... as Da Fez gaind 5kg... so in my opinion... if they do check out.. it is a metter of setting them up...
  10. i took it in to the mechanics today.
    He asked if i have had the fork seals done there recently which of course i did.
    Then he said that it has happened to a couple of other bikes and it should be a quick fix.
    I'll see tomorrow what happen when i get my bike back.

    Hopefully it is nothing more complicated
  11. Have you hit a pothole or kerb recently? A very slight bend or twist in the fork tube (or tubes) can cuse the symptoms described.
  12. So it sounds like he will replace the oil... most probably with some thing lighter weight... 7W?? 5W?? I think stock is 10W (at least is in CBR250RR)
  13. If you have compression adjust, try backing it off.

    After that, back off pre-load.
  14. i got it back today. it was something to do with the one of the dampers was not working properly. it took him 25 mins to fix. and he also replaced the oil in the forks. $25 later and the bike feels so much better.

    thanks for ur help guys

    hope to see some of you one day on reefton spur or Black spur :) :)