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New member moved to Aus from Sweden

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MattiasL, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hi just wanted to say hello!

    I am new to this forum and have been in Australia for 1 year now and as the title says I am from Sweden.

    I am here to finish my Nursing degree and hopefully stay after I have graduated.

    I joined this forum because it is time for me to buy a motorbike for easier access to work and Uni and I want to travel a little bit around in QLD as well.

    Things are a little bit different here compared to Sweden and I am doing my best to get my head around how to register a motorbike etc but I am still very confused:) but I hope to get a lot of information through this forum.

    See you on the road soon.


  2. Welcome Mattias, I am a southern state resident so I am not too familiar with the QLD processes. Did you have a full Swedish license before you came here?
  3. Thanks.

    Yes I have a full Swedish license, as I am on student Visa I have to drive around with a English translation for now and change it to an Australian license when I have the permanent Visa.
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum! I really like the swedish people, for a variety of reasons :p
    Good luck here in this country!
    I must say your written english is excellent; much better than many people on this forum who were born and raised here in Australia.
  5. Hello , welcome

    we promise not to try and make you by legislation to urinate sitting down
  6. Ahh, a fellow Swede! =D>

    Too bad I reside in Sydney...

    The worst part when I started to ride down here is keeping to the left. I dont know how many times i ran straight into oncoming lane after an intersection and likewise. ](*,)

    Here in NSW, I can drive on my Swedish license as it is, as long as I'm not a permanent resident. Look into how it is in QLD, from several sources. You might get different answer depending on who you ask...
  7. Hej och välkommen!
    Var i Sverige kommer du ifrån? Jag pluggade is Stockholm.
  8. Thanks.

    English is our second language in Sweden and I had to pass an academic English course to be able to apply for the University program I am doing now so that is probably why my English is good, and we have a lot of essay assignments at Uni so I have to practise writing English to get good marks:)
  9. I am from Göteborg (Gothenburg).

  10. Hi,

    I am a little bit nervous to start driving on the left side but hopefully I get used to it quick.
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  11. Ah yes, are many if not most European countries like that? :)
  12. Yes most of them.
  13. Välkomna och njut av det varma vädret

    Went to the movies once in Stockholm, strange experience. It was originally an english speaking film but was actually dubbed into Swedish, with english subtitles.

    Got the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm which was an overnight trip with the train carriages going across on the ship. Had bought a ticket for a cabin for the night, but nobody bothered to tell me the ticket to travel on the train was extra. Seems they all assume you have europass. Fortunately I had enough krona on me to cover the cost and the conductor was kind enough to sell me the additional ticket.
  14. Lol who thought this was a swedish chick lol
    Settle boys
  15. Welcome to NetRider. (y)
  16. not me

    my comment was about some weirdo left wing feminist political party that wants to ban stand up urinals in Sweden
  17. Welcome, shame you're not studying to be a Chef. would love having a Swedish Chef on here.
  18. If people thought Mattias were a girls' name, I'm pretty sure a certain question would have been asked.
  19. ^^^ exactly, plus you have a blue person, so it gave it away.
  20. Ha ha ha, well I can cook pretty well as I used to be a bodybuilder and also personal trainer/dietist for athletes in Sweden.