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New member - Melbourne SE

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by adarek, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. I'm Darek,

    I have my L - 2 months ago and my bike (2014 KTM390Duke) week later.
    Took me good few years to convince my wife - to get her permission to get L and buy bike.
  2. hello Darek
  3. Welcome Darek, Saturday Morning practice in Elwood, often there is a Saturday learner friendly ride leaving from that location as well. Sunday there is a learner friendly ride often as well.
  4. I will try to join....
    Family live...not always allowed to leave nest....
    Nice welcome from you ;)
  5. yeah my family live too
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  6. Hi Darek welcome, come on down to the Saturday Morning practice in Elwood, it is great for new riders. :)
  7. Welcome Darek, enjoy the ride.
  8. Welcome :)

    Get your Saturday leave pass by explaining to the missus that Saturday learner practice will make you a better and safer rider, which is true. Doesn't she WANT you to be safer?? :D
  9. Welcome to NR !
  10. Welcome to NR...

    You're a good husband.. Aren't you?? ;)
  11. Welcome to netrider!
  12. welcome to the show :]