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New Member Melbourne... Procrastinating

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Tribos, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    Probably about time to introduce myself, hi - I'm Steve. I stumbled across Netrider a few months ago... I was riding home around 10pm was nearly there when I found myself swamped by bikes! Cool - like any normal person (who had just purchased their first bike) I followed them :grin:

    It turned out to be the end of a Thursday Night Mystery Ride in Melbourne and everyone was heading to Errols in Nth Melb. Joining in was easy (thanks to all who made me feel welcome) and after pizza and a hot chocolate it was 'see you later' and I was back on the bike - actually I was nearly all over the road... hmm cold tyres

    Since then I've joined a few more Mystery Rides (heaps of fun) and hooked with Netriders for a few weekend rides, always had a great time - hope to meet more of you as the summer rolls on (am keen to ride to Brisbane around years end)

  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome indeed, quite the reverse, go on a ride than join up :). Could start a whole new trend....

    {Thinks, 'The Pied Piper of Netrider' ...... :LOL:}
  4. LOL - I'm no trend setter, always done things a bit backward! Will be interesting to see if it catches on :grin:
  5. luvit - sees bikes, follows blindly :LOL: i suppose they weren't so mysterious after all :p

    welcome aboard buddy and beware those mystery riders :cool:
  6. :LOL: Love Yoda - he is sooo wise, he tells me where to go. "At the end of the road, left you must turn and then right you must bear" - Yoda :LOL:
  7. Welcome to NR Steve.. :grin:
  8. Heya mate.

    I must one day get off my royal backside and come to one of the coffee nights or something. would be a lot of fun
  9. G'day Stevo.
  10. Good work. fing32.

    I've met a few of my ride buddies the same way.. on the roads. One
    of my good friends was actually in a group heading the opposite
    direction to me, so I did a U-turn & caught up with em. At the next lights
    I asked where they were heading & if I could tag along. Rest is history. :cool:

  11. hmmm atm im waitin on a couple of friends to get bikes...im ridin out on my own for the last 2 weeks its fun loving my cbr250... but if i had other people with me it be kool.. could i tag along?? im at airport west.. anyone around me or wants to cruise?
  12. Welcome steve,

    It's easier to just keep an eye on the vic ride section then cruise the streets looking for when rides are on :LOL: anyway enjoy the stay and migh tsee you at one of th eup coming events/rides/bbq's

    Cheers stewy :)
  13. Thanks for all the welcomes...

    Yip looking forward to one of those upcoming events, I expect that the next one will be the Thursday Night Mystery Ride - would be nice to meet a few more riders :cool:

    YellowBandit - you should come along :) You too Pezza :) & MG, just for the fact that you say you're from Mexico you should come too :inquisition:

    And Stewy, I know you're right
    Hope this rain clears...
  14. I'll need your bike & license before thats gonna happen Steve.

    Otherwise catch ya in (4) months bud. coffee.
  15. Awww man! Sorry to say it but I think I woke my neighbour by laughing so much. :nopity:

    Reminded me of the first time I was pulled over on a bike... a mates Kwakka Z250A - no L plate displayed. Long story short: after half an hour of politely trying to explain various scenarios as to how the L plate might have fallen off, one of us (the cop or me) had, after walking around the bike a few times, stepped in dog crap. So there I was - not kidding - checking the bottom of this guys shoes after he had checked mine... About 10 minutes later, after admitting that I had done wrong, I was LET off... but the best bit was (and I did not realise this at the time) my licence was 2 months expired! :dance:

    Anyway see you in 4 months if not sooner :)
  16. procrastination.... :p I like him.....

    HEY HEY AND WELCOME!@!!!! I should be in vic around Christmas I'll make an effort to drop by and say hello..

  17. cant make any promises..I hope so just for the clouds to go away last couple of days i been ridin to work along the west gate fwy in the rain... got a bit wen but loved it haha :)
  18. 4M :dance:

    Hiya ward_4e

    That would be sweet... I'm also planning to go for a ride up to QLD folks are just north of Gladstone - perhaps we could hook up for the trip home; you riding down?

    My tip for riding in the rain - make sure no bits of shirt etc. are sticking out... sounds obvious but the bottom of my shirt crept out on a long ride in v.heavy rain and wicked water all the way up my stomach :mad:

    Anyway I guess you'll be out next Thursday?