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New member looking for new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pincho, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hi friends, I am looking at upgrading from 200cc to a 650-800cc. I am 6'1 and like an upright riding position for riding in Gold Coast traffic. I have been looking at twins so I can take it away on longer trips and bit a bit more comfortable at higher speeds. Owned road/ trail bikes in past and have been looking at adventure bikes and cruiser style. I've been test riding BMW triumphs and checking out suzukiin next couple of days weather dependant. Any help or advice welcome. Ps I'm 40 and not fat

  2. Thanks Ausfox, amazing recommendation the new 821 cc Testastretta 11° engine which provides maximum power of 110 hp @ 9,250 rpm and torque of 89 Nm @ 7,500 rpm. sounds like a bloody good option will see if I can book a test ride now for some time in the next couple of days. It looks amazing I just told someone I didn't like the look Ducati has on its new road bikes, but this things looks hyper cool
  3. And lol I love coffee
  4. suzuki has the 400 dsm ??
  5. Hey god die just lookin at Suzuki web page now does it go by any other name, I'm goin for a ride on the vstrom 650 and 1000 tomorrow
  6. sorry mate, it might be the DRM 400?? check bike sales
  7. Thanks Mate, I was sitting on 1 in the shop yesterday, that's a great recommendation for somone my size. It fits me perfectly which is why I think I've always stuck with trail/road bikes. One of the main reasons I want to step up to a twin, is so I can do a bit longer trip when I want and I have found personally that single cylinders seem to give a lot more feedback which is epic off road but vibration to the ass and hands wears me bit after sitting on100kph for more than 20mins or so. For my day to day use of commuting I still think this is a great bike and a great recommendation. Thanks and sorry about the auto correct Goddie
  8. well they do say this bike brings out the 'hoon' in you, I am 6' tall about 88kgs I commute on an Ninja1000st, recommended for commute and weekend fun. got great torque if lazy like me 4th gear can putt putt and stretch it out.
  9. 2nd the ninja 1000
  10. Yep absolute weapon love it, it's just not for me, use to switch bikes with a mate about 15-20 years ago so he could thang on dirt on my TT350 and I could go get in trouble on his black n red ninja 250. I'm trying to be responsible parent type person now. But agreed great bike and actually fits people our size. Well
  11. This was my first post on welcome page:
    Hey fellow riders, just found this site stoked to see there's so many riders chatting. I'm 6'1 when wearing shoes and have an on again off again history of riding. Bought my current road/trail bike because it was cheap and light and I was doing a lap of Aus in my motorhome and wanted something for dirt roads, so I didn't trash my motorhome. 9000+km later it has served me well. I am looking to upgrade from my current 200cc to a 650cc-800cc. I've been looking at Adventure bikes because I like an upright riding position in traffic and the ability to go off-road, although 90% on road. I'm 40 and 70-75kg 6'1 fit not skinny. Looking for any feedback have test ridden tiger800s cc and adventure, BMW gs 700 and serato goin to ride storm tomorrow.

    Rode my first bike at about 6
  12. For a left field contestant, go try the Aprilia Shiver. Pure joy but I'm biased!
  13. Kawa Versys 1000, recently updated from the ugly duckling to a much better looking and more capable bike.
    cheap(ish), reliable, fits six footers, plenty powerful and does it all.
  14. I'll see if I check one out locally,never ridden an Aprilia. It's deffinate got the stats and the power. Biased because you own one I tak it, how many kms have you done on it any stand out features or faults?
  15. I was looking at these a whole back when I was comparing to more off road worthy bikes like the BMW gs800 adventure but, will revisit as You can get dam good bikes a lot cheaper under 15k sounds a lot better than over. It's a lot of money to drop on two wheels, but what price can you put on safety and fun?
  16. Hey mate I'm biased too but you thought about the mt09? Fits the bill except has one extra cylinder haha. Plenty of power, upright position, comfortable. Perhaps not best for really long rides but the new mt09 tracer might be perfect for that.
    Could be worth a look.
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  17. A big thanks to everyone who has commented and made suggestions, stoked to have found this site and big thanks to the crew running the site.
  18. Yeah love the look of the tracer, it's pretty lite weight for a triple to ,as is the mt09. The more I look the more fun I have. Will start to compare prices thanks Josh nice recommendation.