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New member looking for advice (BMW R1200 GS Adventure)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mark Farr, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have been riding for more than 20 years, commuting to work (don't even have a car license) daily, but have been without a ride for the past year, since moving to Australia. I couldn't justify the expense of a bike, until now.

    I want to get a new R 1200 GS Adventure, the bike I had last. I am living and working in and around Sydney. Can you advise as to a good dealership from which to procure the bike? I have contacted one (Fraser) twice but they never get back to me. I had a stranger in a store overhear me and he recommended a dealership in Newcastle - I looked for one and assume he meant Brisans. He said it's worth going that far because their service is good.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated.
  2. Welcome. Frasers lost the BMW concession a while ago (if you mean the concord branch ).
    Procycles Hornsby are ok for sales but don't get anything serviced there.
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  3. Have you checked on BikeSales? You may find a dealer outside of Sydney that has better price/options/etc? Plus you get a cool adventure ride back to Sydney from wherever...
  4. As chillibutton advised, don't limit yourself on Sydney based dealers. A friend (with too much money) was in Melbourne and finished up purchasing from Southbank Motorcycles, and they arranged delivery in Sydney for him. He got a better deal and is still very happy with the arrangement.
  5. Welcome to the lucky country, unfortunately I cant help you out with that query, but if you pop up to the Gold Coast I'm sure our BM dealer will be able to assist
  6. Aye, BikeBiz took over the BMW dealership after Frasers dropped, or were dropped.

    Procycles are worth a look at St.Peters or Hornsby.

    Worthingtons are a wee bit of a trek, up at the end of the Old Road, just south of Gosford, but they do do good deals.

    The new GSs are the water cooled ones? Dunno what the availablity of them might be.

    Dunno about Brisons....

    BTW if you contact Worthington's and they offer a good deal, I could probably manage to give you a lift out to them... borrow wife's car meet you at Beecroft station or some such.
  7. Procycles (both branches) are the rudest, most ignorant and least knowledgeable of any BMW dealer I have encountered.
    They are not interested in selling you any BMW unless you want to pay full RRP, and their after sales service (Workshop) is abhorrent.

    Speak to Peter Milloy at Bikebiz Granville. He is a can do guy who doesn't BS, and he is reasonable, respectful and in the business of selling bikes not pissing potential customers off. Bikebiz workshop are also excellent guys to deal with. I have some very specific requirements for my servicing and they meet my requirements without so much as a whimper.
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  8. Probably too far away for u . I just bought my R1200GS from Rock Motorcycles in Port Macquarie and so far they have been great.
  9. Wow! Thank you for all the responses! And CrazyCam, offering a lift, that's extremely kind. My wife will drop me off wherever I need to go. We don't mind a bit of a road trip. I will look into the options provided here, starting with BikeBiz.
  10. No worries Mark.

    You mentioned a lack of driver licence, so I assumed you might have a problem getting to the like of Worthington's, which isn't on the main line to anyplace.

    BTW, if you get a price from whoever, it's then worth a couple of phone calls to other BMW dealers, to see what they can offer.

    Yes, I wouldn't get my bike serviced at Procycles, but, when I last bought a new Triumph, they were the ones to offer the best price. <shrug>