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New member (L plater)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by djay, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm Anna /wave

    I've been on my L's for a little while and am going for my P test soon. I've been reading a lot of the threads in here and found them pretty helpful so thanks for all the tips. I might manage to get out to one of your Saturday practices

  2. sup


    enjoy the ride
  3. G'day djay


    Fun Ha!
  4. Welcome Anna,

    What do you ride and where abouts are you? Its well worthwhile coming along to at least one of these before the Ps test. Even more continue to turn up afterwards just for fun.
  5. Oh good questions. I ride a GPX250. Commute on it daily but hope to get into real rides when I have enough confidence (and can go faster than 80). I'm in the Eastern suburbs.
  6. Welcome djay - eastern suburbs of what city?
  7. haha sorry. Sydney
  8. Welcome, djay.
  9. Hello DJ Anna and welcome on board. If you're in to techno/dance and have mixes you can send them to me :)
  10. Thanks!

    No dance mixes I'm afraid. The name is just something I use online now because I used to use it for games. It was a shortened version of de jugular 8-[
  11. Uhuh makes sense sort of. I'm certain you'll find all the information you require regarding riding a motorbike on this forum as most people are really helpful and are a wealth of knowledge. All the best with your P's.
  12. Wolcome welcome always good to have another join our mixed bag of riders. Pretty friendly bunch here, the Homebush practice is a great place to meet new riders.
  13. Good to see yet another lady rider! We're taking over boys! :D Welcome Aboard!
  14. Greetings and Salutations Anna (djay). When are you going for your P's?