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New member: KTM 690 Duke in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mark Nurofen, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    What better time to write this than when waiting to pick up the KTM from ProMechA with it's new suspension? An oil change next week and off to Broadford the weekend after for a 'Come and Try' day (thanks to the great people at HMRAV).
    I've only ever owned singles and twins (road and road-trail, hence the birth of 'Team Nurofen') and have been riding since the early 1990's.
    I only do basic mechanical work these days (the bike lives in a mate's garage) but have rebuilt engines and went ground-up to turn a badgered SR500 into a tidy cafe racer.
    Hope to catch some other Melbourne riders here.
    Cheers, Mark

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  2. Welcome to NR , Mark !
  3. Hello and welcome :)
    That come and try thing sounds like it'll be fun.
  4. Welcome Mark. Really like the look of the 690 Duke. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun. What's the reliability like? I've heard the big singles don't last as long as their multi cylinder brothers. Looking at a 2009 with 27k on it, anything I should look for?
  5. Hi Luke,
    Loads of fun! It loves Broadford I've long suspected the grass is greener on the Street Triple R side of the fence. I'd be curious to hear your side of that story.
    The Duke only 60-odd HP but about 148 kg dry with Marchesini rims so the acceleration's respectable. It's flat out at 170kph, so if that's a concern you may need to sacrifice some acceleration with different sprockets.
    I've had no real problems in 20K km and can't say 'this falls off' or 'that seal leaks' - it's a well-designed and built bike. Mine's commuted, played at Broadford and done the Melbourne to Perth trip with only plugs, tyres and oil to worry about. I'm still on the original brake pads as well as the chain and sprox - I'm very fussy about maintaining those last items, but they are really good quality. I change the oil every six months with fully synthetic and there are magnets on the filter and screen covers.
    It mostly comes down to mods (like the magnetic covers) and what to look out for. There's are more than one neutral lurking between the gears - Sato rearsets let you adjust the throw, and I've dialled the extra neutrals out. The downside is that you need to pull two alternator cover screws to get at one of the oil screens.
    The standard throttle tube is too sharp off idle if you get stuck in traffic a lot - an after-market one is a good mod to look for on a second-hand bike. I haven't changed my exhaust - a lot of guys do to make it louder/lighter, but horror stories crop up about people shelving $2500 worth of Akra and putting the standard system back on.
    The taller screen is good to have - the standard one is ornamental. The handguards (in the photo, but now removed) strain the hoses and cables a little the way I had them fitted, so if the one you're looking at has them, make sure you're happy no harm has been caused.
    I hope this has been some help. Happy trails!
  6. welcome to NR
  7. Cheers Mark, great info.

    As for the Striple I loved it. I'd lusted after one since I decided to get my license 2 years ago. I couldn't fault anything on it, just a really well put together package. Only thing I noticed in my 6 weeks was the engine didn't like stop/start riding, would heat up very quickly.

    Unfortunately my time with the Striple was cut short due to some light rain, gravel and a moment of brain fade. After only having her six weeks I put her into a rock wall on a windy mountain road. I'd put over 3000ks on her in that time and it was amazing.

    I would buy another one in a heart beat but my wife made me buy a car with the insurance payout. I was smart enough to buy a cheap POS Kia Rio so I have a little fun money left but not enough for another triple.

  8. That's a sad story but at least you came away able to ride again another day.
    The Duke's worth considering for budget fun. The tyre pressures are very low as standard (29/29), so if you ride one and get spanked by it it could be a very cheap fix. I also remembered a mate looking at one where the underslung exhaust had been badgered by someone pretending it had EXC ground-clearance; beware a flatted can and bent lugs - it could be straining the header pipe in the head if bent enough.
    I jinxed myself in the last message and have a mystery speedo ailment to research...
    I hope you'll have 'done your time' soon and get back on two wheels. Better luck with the next bike.
  9. Hi Mark,
    Welcome to NR.
    Good choose, KTM 690. (y) I have KTM but it is just a small 125cc. I like it. :D
    Next year we are going to move to Melbourne and I need someone who can show me the area and look around by bike ;)

  10. Firstly, thanks for all the 'welcome' posts folks.
    Hi Timi,
    Thanks for getting in touch and congratulations on your 125 Duke. I live in the CBD and only usually grab the bike when I'm heading for country roads or the occasional track visit. How is your bike out on the open road? If it's OK for a couple of hundred km at 100kmh you should come along to one of our small group rides - it's unlikely you'd be the only female and the pace isn't too hectic. For all I know though, you're a seasoned racer with a nitrous oxide kit on your Duke and I'd be flat out keeping up.
    If that sounds a bit too full-on, check back with me anyway when you get settled and I'll show you a few places closer to the city.
    Ride safe and maybe catch you down here some time.
  11. Top bike mate and welcome
  12. A belated welcome from the opposite end of the county. Congratulations on the Duke - not the most common machine on the roads.
  13. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your answer.
    How is my bike on the open road? haha good question.
    But I am a learner still and I can't go faster than 80 km. :) To be honest, I usually use my bike to go school and work. When I use it for "trip", I just go to close place which is quiet and there's not much people.
    I really don't like to ride alone. It's too boring. After a couple of years I would like to buy a bigger Duke. Like you... I really love that brand and style. Ktm is a good choose but unfortunately it's expensive too :confused:
    Ride safe you too.

  14. Hello Kalkadar,

    Ktm should be a common machine on the road. It is really good and reliable bike I think.
    I always loved brand of Honda and I wanted to have that brand of motorbike, but when I glimpsed my Duke first, I just didn't want to have another bike. It is awesome. :p
  15. Hi Timi,
    The country rides may be something for later on. Give me a shout when you get settled; there are a few interesting roads close to the city without too much traffic.
    Keep practicing and ride safe.