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New member, just saying hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by raiden337, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hello guys,

    I've been reading these forums for some time, i hope you all know that a community this kind and tightly knit is rare these days.

    My name is Lee,

    I'm 22 and am currently in the process of getting my L's

    I've had a long history around motorbikes, my father has always had a harley of some model in the laundry, always stripped em and repainted once a year, engine rebuilds and a few incidents on the roads.

    He is my main mentor in my road to safe riding.

    I am planning on getting a Honda CRB250RR(dad is going to kill me, bloody tupperwear bikes :) ), i've always dreamed of this model since i was a kid but dad asked me to drive through to my full license b4 tackeling a motorbike. He said you'll only understand how irratic drivers are if you've been one for a few years.

    I will be fairly quiet on these forums untill my learner course comes up and then i'll look forward to contributing to this community.

  2. Love urs dads quote.
    All the best with riding.
  3. Howdy, sounds like you've got a great Dad there Lee. I'm a new rider myself but the 17 years of driving a car helps me everyday I get on my bike.

    Remember when you get your bike we want pictures!
  4. Welcome, Lee, to the forum and the whole thing.

    Will the grumpy brigade please note Lee's description of the forum; 'kind and tightly knit'?

    Thank you.......
  5. Welcome Lee, good luck with the L's.

  6. [-( grumpy indeed, speak for your self hornet .. Im one of a kind so I know im rare :p

    Welcome Lee

  7. welcome m8 :grin: i ride a tupper bike myself :p
  8. HAHA good work guys,

    Yeah i will throw pictures up ASAP :)

    Yeah dad isn't a fan of the tupperware bikes, I'm sure he'll live :)

    P.S sorry for using the wrong section
  9. Welcome to the forums Lee. Good luck with everything and tell your dad long live the tupperware bikes... :LOL:
  10. welcom aboard lee

    (how long do we have to keep up this freindly charade for hornet? :p)
  11. welcome lee you don't have to wait till you have your l's or your ride to post on here. What gear are you looking at getting/got?
  12. Well i have received a lot of mixed advice on that.
    My borther recomends getting leather nomatter what, he said a two piece is good becuase you can take the jacket off when your not riding. my mum can't beleive how much leathers cost and just looks white as a ghost whenever i bring up the subject so... honestly I have no idea.

    I want to be as protected as i can, that said money could become an issue with a ful leather priced around 2k^

    I'm not sure at all,

  13. Welcome to the forums lee :)

    Driving through my licence was probably the best thing i did in preperation for my motorcycle licence, I don't think i would've been able to deal with getting to know the traffic, learning the road rules, and learning to ride a bike all at once, It made me so much more prepared.

    Anyway hope to see you at an event in the future :)
  14. Biker dad's are great arn't they! I was the last in my family to get my license. Dad's part of the Ulysses club, has a Valkyrie.
    I'll have to wait a few millenia to join that one :LOL:
    Welcome aboard and safe riding :biker:
  15. i got my gloves, pants and one of my jackets from black rose leather at queen vic market. they are cheap, but not nasty. had a rather big crash with the jacket and gloves on and they came out nearly perfect.

    actually come to think of it i brought both my jackets there, a leather one and a canvasy type one.

    the gloves were like $100 with carbon fibre knuckles and stuff. pretty good. good customer service and discounts if you buy a few things. i suggest just going and having a look see what you think.
  16. If he has a sense of humour direct your dad to www.goingfaster.com/angst ...welcome to here too :)
  17. Haha my dad on the internet... good one :)

    Breno, Thanx for the tip. I will go have a looksy