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new member in WA - Looking for Learner training organisation recommendations.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jewelsv, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, my name is jewels and I am new to W.A and netrider. I just got my learners permit for a motorcycle and now would like to get some lessons. I was wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere in the northern suburbs of Perth where I can learn to ride?

  2. Re: new member in WA

    Hi Jewels, welcome to NR.
  3. Re: new member in WA

    Hey Jewels :)

    Doesn't seem like anyone in WA has latched on to the post. I'll re-edit the subject title and see whether that wont get you some traffic :)
  4. Hi Jewelsv,

    I live SOR & am taking lessons with Kath Beadman out at Southern River. Bit of a hike out there for you though.

    Two instructors you could consider...tho' I haven't personally trained with them...

    trainer is Lenny Hicks and he uses a Yammy Scorpio, same learner bike I am using. It is a very easy bike to learn on plus light and low. He can provide gear too and is based out of Joondalup/northern suburbs. Tel 0413 974 572

    Another one... www.stayuprightwa.com.au
    These guys are at Balcatta so not so 'north' but easy to get to. Their number is 08 9244 4444.

    Don't bother with website enquiry forms. When I was looking for an instructor not a single online enquiry I submitted was ever answered, and this from about 7 diff schools! These guys do business best by phone. I think it's worth picking trainers who use the helmet intercoms. I've been using this with Kath and you can get feedback right when you need it rather than ride - stop - discuss etc.

    Also, if you pick an instructor and you just 'don't gel' don't be afraid to go elsewhere. The one-on-one tuition can get pretty intense but you need to be learning with someone you feel comfortable with.

    Maybe another netrider can help out with some personal testimonial on the above places. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Maybe I'll see you out there on two wheels soon :)

  5. Hey Pommiecat, can you clear something up for me... how do you pronounce the town you're from??? :)
  6. Robsalvv - there are no cocks in Co-burn!:LOL:

    (at least not in my street)
  7. Hi Pommiecat,
    thanks for your advice. I have found a guy named Roy from A to A in the Joondalup area. My first lesson is today in Hillarys marina car park. I have spoken to Lenny too and will see how today goes.
    Thanks again,
  8. Good luck! Welcome to riding :) :) :)