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New member in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MichaelM, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone

    My name's Michael. I've been lurking around here for the last few weeks soaking up information. Got my L's last week, yet to actually purchase a bike, though my wife has a V-Star 650 which, in theory, I could be riding.


  2. Welcome to NR, Michael ! Good to see SA starting to get some new recruits !
  3. Thanks mate! As I said, yet to purchase a bike though. Maybe a 2nd hand vtr250 or something, we'll see.
  4. bad taste runs in the family i see
  5. Welcome, there's a few SA riders showing up recently.
    Maybe you could try converting Blabs to V-star ownership :p
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  6. G'day, welcome. Don't worry about him he's from Barcelona.
  7. welcome mate:)
  8. Hello and welcome, buy what you like and enjoy it.
  9. Heh. Well the vtr idea mostly sprung from looking at LAMS approved bikes on bikesales and gumtree, and they seem to be around my budget. That, and the people that have owned them seem to like them. I haven't sat on one yet though, so that idea might go out the window yet.
  10. Welcome mate.
    Be careful when choosing your bike. Around here, you'll be judged!;)
  11. You're all pussies. There judged
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  12. Welcome to Netrider :)
  13. He likes pussies, just check out his other thread.
  14. Welcome, :) good to see another Adelaide person! I went the opposite way to you, brought the bike & get the L's in few weeks :)
  15. Welcome mate(y)