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New Member, Hopeful Owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gasbag69, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hi all, new member here.
    A bit about me, I have a teenage son and I am hoping to start a little resto adventure with him.
    Looking to buy a couple of old DT250's to restore and ride together.
    Hoping that this might be a source of enjoyment and father son bonding like it was with my father and I.
    Looking forward to any advice I can get from fellow members,
    thanks in advance

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  2. Hello and welcome to the forums Mike :happy: All the best with your restoration project, sounds like the perfect father-son adventure (y) I'm sure you'll find plenty of useful info on here, NR is a fantastic source of knowledge and amazing ideas.
    Hope to see some pictures when time comes. Btw, where are you based?
  3. welcome to Netrider Mike...sounds like a great project you are starting on! be sure to keep us posted as it progresses please :)
  4. Welcome mate, great project :cool:
  5. Welcome to NR. I have loved the rides with my children.
  6. Welcome to NR gasbag69gasbag69. My dad I tinkered with cars when I was younger, great bonding as you know. Once my son is a bit older, I will do something similar to what you are planning.
  7. Based in Adelaide Fr33dm
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  8. Will do davidk
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  9. Thanks also to 69SIM, Eric and MadDog
  10. Welcome gasbag69gasbag69, have got a DT200L that hopefully my son and I can restore when he moves back closer to home, have had it since new but it has been neglected and needs some tlc, great to share with your kids