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New member Hi!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by skiN01, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Good day guys! its been a while since a joined a group/forum. Looking forward in meeting people who shares the same passion! Cheers!

    -Ferdinand (travancore)

  2. Hey Ferdinand - Welcome to NetRider! What bike you ride? And how long you been riding?

  3. Welcome to NR Ferdinand, what's the 899 like?
  4. Hi Naz! Im riding a Benelli TNT 899. Been riding for almost 10 years now. but mostly overseas. just moved here in melb. for couple of years now and its been a while since ive been involved in a forum/group riding etc. looking forward to it though.. how about you mate?

    Hi Loubre! The 899 is excellent for a naked sports bike. Touring not much, for it gulps a lot of Petrol! 180km/full tank 17L. urban riding about 120-150kms. But over all riding experience is excellent.. A lot of torque, plenty of go whenever you need and want it. Very comfy seat plus semi upright riding position so cant complain. Thanks for the welcome guys!
  5. Wow dude - you're a veteran! I'm just at the end of my L's so only a years riding experience. I ride a Kawasaki GPX 250, it's a great little bike but keen to get onto my open license so I can get something new and with a tad more vroom.
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  6. Not really a veteran mate.. Been only riding high capacity bikes for 3 years.. I started with a 150cc scooter for 5 year and a cb400 afterwards thats for commuting to uni/work overseas.. Im still in the period of exploring the big bikes.. So far im enjoying it..

    Enjoy your ride mate, and good luck getting off your L's.
    Safe riding! Cheers!
  7. Welcome !