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New member Hi, no licence but got me a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by HDK, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all. First post.

    I don't have my licence yet but have ridden a few private dirt bikes on the rare occasion and have been slowly pestered by my young son to "get a bike dad! get a bike dad!" So I began quietly looking around but not really taking much interest, thought I was dreaming really. Anyway, I know a lady who's son dropped his bike 5 or 6 years ago, lost his nerve and never got back on it. So I went to see this thing that had been sitting in a garage for the last 5 years expecting to see a CB250.

    I was surprised to find an '89 Honda Spada that had not been started since garaged those many years ago. It was repaired from it's drop (indicators, handle bar and mirrors) and only shows signs of droppage on muffler and a little chaffing on front rim and motor.

    I was allowed to take it home and try to get it going before I bought it. I dropped the oil, replaced filter, drained the fuel tank, filled the carbies with carby cleaner, fresh fuel, new battery and kicked it in the guts.

    After a few coughs and splutters the little thing burst into song and me and my son jumped around for a few minutes in joy! Since then, it kicks over on about the second revolution and purrs smooth.

    67,000ks on the clock but had 2nd hand motor put in at some stage from the previous owner. As far as I can tell, the bike is in good condition for it's age. Sprockets look good to my eye, not much wear. No leaks, runs cool and everything works.

    Paid $500
    Booked in for rider training middle October.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Howdy, good luck with the first ride.
  3. That's a good price for a Spada, and always nice to see a bike get another chance at life on the road.

    Welcome to NR, and good luck for October. :)
  4. Good luck and congrats on a great deal!

    I am sure there will be a few good tips coming on what else to check before you put total faith in a bike that has been sitting around for 5-6 years, thinking seals of any sort, tyres maybe?
  5. Good point. The front tyre needs to go for sure. Probably get the local bike mechanic to give it the once over before roadworthy check.
  6. Yeah, never trust a roadworthy to give any indication of whether a bike is safe or not.
  7. Gotta love those kinda deals :applause:
    Got my 2004 VTR1000 for $4K 2.5 years ago and it probably was the best deal I'll ever get.

    Best advice anyone can give you is to take it easy (really easy) and make sure the bike is checked out (especially old tyres etc).
    If in any doubt just replace them.

    Its a concern that Safety Certificates (RWCs) dont actually mean its 100% safe to ride.
    From recent experience (3 times in the last 2 months), they just seem to give a bike a glance and fill out the paperwork and then shove the hand out for money these days...

    In QLD (not sure about other states) you get fined $500 for having a vehicle for sale without a safety certifcate displayed ... yes before you actually sell it and it must be on display.
    The fine is way over the top and logically makes it seem a worse offence than running a red light ($330) or doing less than 30km over the speed limit.
    It also expires after 2 months. No one I've talked to can see the logic in it other than the obvious revenue raising. Most still don't get one until theres a buyer in the picture.
  8. I have my Spada on order - waiting for my money to come through - I paid (or will pay) $3k....I thought that was a good deal (although I have to do nothing to it )

    Spada wasn't my first choice but from what everyone tells me I will love it.

  9. Congrats on the buy, bargan!! Tyres , mentioned, BRAKE FLUID!! dump it and put clean in ASAP!! check brake pads, if in doubt, replcae them now and you wont have to worry in a few months or a year. As above, first ride, go easy, go very easy, make sure you learn in the quiet areas to build your confidence up, meet up with locals up there that are on the site, ask for pointers and help as often or more then you need. DONT TAKE PASSENGERS until you are well skilled to do so, son might pester you, but dont do it!! ENJOY :)
  10. Can you give this a roadworthy so I can register it?

    No problem.

    Now, can you give it a REAL roadworthy?
  11. Welcome to riding and to NR. (y)

    Post some pics of the bike if you can.
  12. Here's three pics I've uploaded to dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2t7fxh3z0hcs7qp/fsRdNN2Vjv

    Doing my rider training next weekend, should have the bike registered a couple of weeks after that.

    When people talk of checking seals on bikes that haven't been used for a while, are they talking about secret biker seals I wouldn't know how to look for, or are we talking things like manifold seals, oil seals, fork seals?
  13. Fork seals are the important ones to check. Should be obvious if there's any leaks (or if the owner has recently cleaned the forks), but also worth "bouncing" the front end a few times to make sure any lack of leakage isn't just because there isn't any fork oil in it.

    Also worth checking all rubber hoses, and replacing all the fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and ideally also the fork oil).